Refrain from the ‘Cow Syndrome’ and Keep It Religious This Eid-Ul-Azha

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Ever since I grew up I have seen people showing off their bulls and cows for Eid-Ul-Azha festivity. I don’t understand WHY people do that. Isn’t this Eid about sacrificing what you love, merely for the sake of God? When did it all become about who bought the best janwar? It’s the time for joy and excitement and each of us gets to experience something new. But there are certain things we all need to keep in check.

It is great if someone has spent a lot on their animal, takes good care of them and perhaps, even give them a nice bath. But whats the point in flaunting about something that you are doing for your creator. It seems like a competition rather than a religious festival. Cow and bull racing in the streets, people hitting their animals with sticks to make them run faster; is just disrespectful. Why would you hit the aminal intended to be sacrificed?

Source: The Vicious Babushka

And then, there comes this ONE guy in every area or society who knows every thing about the animal and this person suddenly becomes the most respected person in the days of Eid Ul Azha and as soon as it’s ended, he again becomes the lay man of the area. Ironic, no? If you have noticed, there is this family of people who bought their animal like a month before 10th Zilhajj and every single person of that family shows same interests in the up bringing of that animal for whatever the time left.


The owner of the healthiest and gargantuan animal receives the most respect. Everyone asks them the time of sacrificing and there a huge crowd jamming the road. And the aftermath is crucial. The streets are filled with blood. Just to clean one’s surroundings, water blood is just whipped on the streets.

In this religious festivity, please make sure not to pollute the area! Don’t bluntly throw the remains of your animal. Call the authorities for proper disposal.

What we have learned, should be implemented in our lives, and only then, will we be able to make our cities better and prosper.

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