These Are The Reasons Pakistani Women Are Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer In Large Numbers

Over the last decade, the rate of breast cancer has increased in Pakistan by leaps and bounds. One of the most dangerous illnesses that women are encountered with, breast cancer has taken many lives throughout the country due to lack of awareness and interest. One in every 9 women is at a high risk of developing breast cancer in Pakistan, while almost 40,000 women die because of the disease each year.

On this International Women’s Day, let us try and guide our mothers, sisters, and wives and make sure they take all necessary precautions to curb this disease. These women make our lives what it is and it is our responsibility to make sure they stay safe.


The causes of breast cancer might be ambiguous, as to why some women develop it and some don’t, but a set of precautions and causes stated below are largely considered as the reasons for developing the illness.

Age: Age plays a huge factor in The condition is most common among women over 50 who have been through the menopause. In almost 8/10 cases breast cancer occurs in women aged over 50, so regular check-ups and tests are necessary.

Family history: a women’s family history also plays a significant role in developing breast cancer. If any of your family members in the past have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it automatically makes you vulnerable to the disease. Surveillance tests, then, are necessary.


High levels of estrogen: estrogen, the female hormone, can be the reason of women developing breast cancer. If your periods started at a young age and you developed menopause at a late age, estrogen has definitely increased.

Being chubby or overweight: Being overweight is directly linked to estrogen in your body, the healthier you are the more estrogen there is. Plus, if you have a late menopause, the risk is higher.

Alcohol addiction: It is a fact that female alcoholics are present in the country and have a higher chance of developing breast cancer than the rest. To curb the scourge disease, quit!


Use of breast firming creams and pills: breast firming, size increasing pills and creams can also be the reason of developing a lump in your breast.

Use of contraceptive pills: Research has shown that women who use the contraceptive pill have a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer. The risk starts decreasing as soon as you stop using contraceptive pills.

All these reasons combine and architect breast cancer in a woman. Although the disease is a given, if the above-mentioned risks are avoided, there is a huge chance of curbing and avoiding the life-threatening disease. Share it with your loved ones to help them avoid it too.

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