8 Reasons Why The World Needs To Stop Taking Engineering As A Piece Of Cake!

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Every student, whether he’s hard working or lazy, whether he’s intelligent or not, who passes the 10th grade simply thinks of choosing Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering and then in his subconscious, it is saved that these are the only two fields to explore further.

So these students then opt for Medical or Engineering. If you are a genuine student who loves engineering and it’s in your blood then keep reading! If not, then stop, because becoming an engineer is not for the faint hearted.

If you did not want to become an engineer and were forced into it then  this article is for you.

1) Number of Subjects:

Source: Sweatpants

A typical engineering student has to study about 6 to 7 subjects per semester and that adds to be a whopping 50+ subjects!!! Yeah right, 50 subjects and you can bet they are nothing like Urdu, Islamiat or Pak-studies.

2) Timing:

Source: Mashable

To study all these subjects in a short amount of time, obviously it’s going to make you sleepy. Depending on one University to another, typically it ranges from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You would have no social life at all. Forget to say hi to your neighbors once in a while if you know what I mean.

3) It’s Conceptual…

Source: Goodreads

Not something you can pass by saying, “Oh, No problem I’ll remember it”. Unless you are a ‘Silencer’ and you have a special Choran from some Bengali Baba from 3 idiots.

4) The Number Of Tests and Exams:

Source: Seventeen

Each subject has 6 tests and 3 exams per semester. So, that adds up to be 40+ tests and 21 written hardcore exams. That’s 170+ written exams and 320+ tests through out your journey of Engineering. Whoops, I bet you are sweating but don’t quit keep reading.

5) Weekends:

Source: Giphy

Did you think you would party on the weekend? I am sorry folks, engineers don’t party they just sleep whenever they have time. The reading material, an assignment and lab reports will make your weekend even more shitty.

6) Projects:

Source: Giphy

Ok! Did you think you would evade a semester project? No way! Each semester you’ll have to submit a fabricated project. In some cases its 2 or 3 per semester and in an 8th-semester program that sums out to be 15+ projects. F**k right. You want an engineering degree you gotta do some stuff like that.

7) Fees:

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Unless you are a relative of Nawaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardari you gotta care for the fees, especially if you belong to a middle-class family like I do. That or you study in a state provided university for private institutions its way too much.

8) Dress Code:

Source: Imgur

So, you can digest all that but you can’t beat wearing the same ugly formal shirt with dress pants all 5 days a week. You have to forget the way you wore your jeans and cotton slim fit pants. That’s ugly as sh** I know! Also, we don’t have any girls. Ouch!

If you really are an engineering breed then I bet you have felt nothing odd about this article. However, if you were forced into it by your family, this is going to serve as an eye-opener. Good luck and hope you don’t end up berozgaar.

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