7 Reasons Why I’m Not Going To Buy Designer Lawn Suits This Year

Summer season is here and so is the lawn fever! As my mom put all the blankets, sweaters, and other winter stuff back in the closets, she started looking for the location, schedule, timings of each and every lawn exhibition that’s going to happen in Karachi.

On the same day, I came to know about my all the family relatives who visited us once or twice and I’m sure you got my point. Yes! you are right! Their obsession of lawn urged them to call my mom (most of them don’t even know my mother’s name!) and asked to grab the designer lawn suit from XYZ. How mean you are Aunty?

After observing these circumstances, I scrutinize my clothing sense and result was as obvious, I will not buy a single designer suit and here are the reasons.

1. You And Your Maid, Same Same


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For the sake of only favorite print, my mom woke up at 6:30 a.m., waited at the entrance of the main gate of the exhibition, spent hours in the queue, and finally grabbed her lawn print but what happened next? Our maid wore the same print exactly after 2 days when my mom bought the suit from the tailor. *censored*

2. Rs. 4000 Per Suit? Or Tailor Ke Nakhray?


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The price of the suit, sorry to say doesn’t meet the quality criteria anyway. However, after buying one of the most expensive prints, be prepared for bearing the nakhray of your favorite darzi. “Urgent chahye tou 1500 honge baaji”, is the common answer of every tailor!

3. Billboards Are Nothing Except A Reason For Accidents


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The gigantic billboards, signboards across the road are a major reason for accidents that keep distracting my driver all the time!

4. Addition Of A New Designer Every Year


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In Karachi, 7 out of 12 months lie under the season of summer. So, you can make good money by jumping into this business.

5. Photoshoot At Thailand, Malaysia Or Lawn Pakistani???


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Yesterday, I saw a photoshoot of some XYZ brand which was directed at one of the best places in Thailand. Pakistan ki garmi me shoot kren tou hum manen!

6. No Discount At All


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Their employees would throw you out if you ask about the “discount”. Go to some Pathan’s shop girl!

7.On The Launch Day, Every Single Suit Is Sold Out? Impossible!!!


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I mean how is it possible that on the first day of launch, major lawn prints have been sold out? Publicity stunt or something else?

8. 50 Shades Of Summer


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It starts with Spring Collection, Pre-Summer Collection, Mid-Summer Collection, Spring-Summer Collection and it is never ending seasons many of us are still unaware!

9. Lawn Hai Ke Kaghaz?


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Yes, lawn is soft and light fabric but designers are turning them “lighter” by the year! Easy to carry!

10. 3 Piece Suit Has Turned Into A 20 Piece Suit


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Uncountable laces, frills, back and front piece of shirt, back and front piece of trouser…total 20,30 pieces. Now I know the reason behind every tailor ke nakhray!

There is nothing wrong with purchasing this beautiful fabric or spending hours to watch each and every print at the exhibitions, but don’t you think that Pakistani women are getting more obsessed with designer suits every passing year? What do you say?

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