Reality is Stranger than Imagination – Here’s The Truth

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We are living in a world where a 7-year-old girl is raped on one hand and a girl was killed by his brother because she started working for showbiz while pets have equal rights to live a stable life on the other. We claim that we are a peaceful nation and follow a peaceful religion, while we are called terrorists and held responsible for every terrorist activity in the world. On one side, people are dying to have food to survive while on the other, we are determined to introduce 3D printed food.

For one human, the world is as small as a village, while for the other, the luxury of smartphones, internet, and planes have given them access to the whole of the planet. Looking at one side of the mirror, we see people dying because of improper sanitation and infected food, while on the other side, we see people dying because of over-consumption of alcohol and drugs. On one hand, people are sick because of working too hard for a living, while on the other, it’s getting difficult for people to manage airport traffic. One side shows a mother who has not seen her son for years while on the other, science is working to create the technology of invisibility. In one part of the world, people die of starvation, while in the other, they die of obesity.

Source: Economics Student Society of Australia

In such circumstances, it is difficult to differentiate between reality and imagination. It is true that imagination is now stranger than ever. The thought that we will be able to print 3D food and travel at the speed of light, is itself, strange, but the reality is that every year, more humans kill their fellow humans than diseases ever do and that we live in a world where a seven-year-old girl is not sure of her safety, where every other woman has a chance of being a victim to some sort of sexual abuse.

Source: UCSB Department of Sociology

We are ready to fly to another planet and establish life there. Scientists are searching for new galaxies every day while a new religion and nation are established every now and then right on our planet, but we are unable to understand them. We are living in a country where we wait to meet a friend for years, but once we meet them, we waste 80% of our time on the social media having conversation with Siri, talking to people on the other side of the world while we know nothing about the one sitting in front of us.

Source: Reader’s Digest

We are so busy in looking for new people to talk to, that we forget to enjoy those that we live with and have known since forever. This is also reality, that one person spends his whole life, working to save his religion while the other does not believe in it. On one hand, people are trying to have the world peace in their control while on the other, so many people give up their lives for the sake of humanity and saving the world that they live in. In this world, we are turning computers into humans, while we, ourselves, are converting into computers.

On one hand, two hundred children are killed in a terrorist attack, while on the other, people spend their lives to provide education and health to children. I have seen a sixty-year-old virgin woman and a 13-year-old girl losing her virginity out of her own wish.

The truth is, we are scared of reality and its horrifying effects on this world that we try to escape it by living in an imaginational world, where we ignore the laws of humanity and forget the basic teachings of our religion and culture. The reality is cruel than anything else in this world, but the truth is that reality will always be side by.

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