Here's The Reality Behind Natasha Khalid's Miraculous Transformation

Here’s The Reality Behind Natasha Khalid’s Miraculous Transformation And It Is Giving Us Major Body Goals!

Natasha Khalid, a renowned name of Pakistan’s fashion industry, recently got married and the news made serious headlines. Natasha who runs Natasha Salon is a household name in the country due to her career and emphatic work. She’s a multi-award nominated celebrity make-up and hair artist.

She doesn’t just transform other women into beauty queens, Natasha herself has gone through a major transformation. Losing heaps of weight, Natasha has gone from flab to fab and now is the epitome of a miraculous body transformation. After the world got to see the new Natasha, plenty of rumors erupted that she had gone through a weight loss surgery, which in fact, were not correct at all.

Had a goal in my mind with these girls and I’m so happy that I achieved it thanks to @fzm_boutique_fitness #fatimazaramallick @komalmmalik ❤️this is just the beginning , we have many more milestones to achieve ❤️????#Repost @repostapp ・・・ FZM Amazon @natashasalon Natasha Khalid looks stunning in Dubai. As a trainer, I’m so proud of her commitment, dedication and perseverance. It’s been a year since we started this journey together and results just keep getting better… Mind you…it’s not just the gruelling’s also nutrition. Natasha eats clean 99% of the time. She has been on this path for 5 years! Weight loss is a long journey full of bumps and hurdles. It does not happen in a month or even 6 months! It’s a lifestyle change…and the results are glorious #fzmboutiquefitness #trendsetter #natashasalon #perseverance #weightlossjourney #fzmamazon #natashakhalid

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On the issue, Natasha spoke in an interview about her transformation: “After going through a bunch that didn’t fit, I walked into FZM headquarters in July 2016. I am an intuitive person, hence a person’s aura and energy immediately either connect with mine or they do not. Meeting Fatima and Komal was an immediate match.”

“To work with me  I need the people to understand my psyche, and I love how that is exactly what they did. They slowly eased me into the big kickass world of fitness, and we have gone from strength to strength together.”

Natasha’s fitness transformation has been exploited by a lot of different media variables which in fact have got it wrong. Natasha’s transformation is due to the result of excessive hard work in the fitness range and determination that turned her into the absolute queen she is now.

Was tagged in this side by side picture of me and my Nano and got inspired to put my own version up ❤️my Nikah look was a tribute to her as since I can remember all I wanted was to be like her. Her strength, elegance , beauty and resilience have inspired me and countless others and shall do so till the end of time. We may try but none of us can ever even come close to who you were as a talent, legend and more importantly human being. I miss you everyday and I know you’re looking down upon us from the heavens smiling your beautiful smile❤️ till we meet again ❤️ #love #inspiration #honouryourpast #stepintothefuture #allheart #joy #natashakhalid to #natashalakhani #natashasalon #natashasalonloves #lafamilia #noonelikeher photography by my amazing brother @zillestudio_kukisphotography ❤️

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One of the worst traits that our people have is that we love to judge others, without any knowledge or inquiry. The first thought that comes to our mind is to discredit someone else for their hard work and persistence to get over an issue.

We usually assume that they opted for a shortcut, instead of doing things the right way. Same was Natasha’s case. Her hefty transformation was undermined by a lot of people. However, the fact remains, Natasha’s body transformation was all natural.

You can follow Natasha on her instagram page: @NatashaSalon – Her instagram pictures hold the secret to her amazing transformation and whoever helped her along the way.

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