Its Easy To Raise A Finger In Someone Elses Direction, The Real Test Is To Question Oneself

Its Easy To Raise A Finger In Someone Elses Direction, The Real Test Is To Question Oneself

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I have always observed people bashing celebrities for what they are doing whether they are working in an Indian film, wearing revealing clothes or getting cozy with a co-star. A few a days ago, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed got married and everyone lost their mind. Comments on their dressing, their behavior, their dances are seen everywhere. And seriously I have even seen some disgusting comments on Mawra and Farhan relationship.

I mean seriously where are we people heading? Don’t you feel disgusted about yourself.. How much of a Muslim are you? How many of you offer your prayers 5 times a day? How many of you read the Quran every day? And above all who gives us the right to criticize each and every person we see. Does Islam give you this right? Is this written somewhere in our Holy book that it’s okay to humiliate or accuse someone of a sin that you have not witnessed by your own eyes?


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I want to question all of you, about how much of a Muslim we are. Have you ever thought of the sins you commit every day? All of us lie, backbite, listen to music, watch dramas and movies but we don’t criticize ourselves, we don’t tell ourselves that it’s haram to do all of this. Plucking eyebrows is haram, yet many of us still do it. Having a good reason for making sins doesn’t make it Halal, so why the hypocrisy?

We have to accept it we all are bad Muslims, doing one good deed doesn’t make us a momin. There is no difference between celebrities and us because all of us are doing haram things. In Quran where it is mentioned to cover ourselves, it’s also mentioned not to lie or cheat or backbite. The Prophet (PEACE BE UPON HIM) emphasized, again and again, to not leave praying yet only some of us pray 5 times a day and that too in such hurry that we don’t even think of where we are standing. Seriously it’s so sickening to see these hate comments.


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It’s time people, to change ourselves to think about the sins we are committing. We enjoy so much counting the sins and bad doings of others, that we forget about our own. Try taking out five minutes of your day and think about those things which are not ethical and try to make yourself a better person.

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