Motorway Gang-Rape: Haunting Details Of What Happened To The Victim Will Leave You Restless

Motorway Rape humiliating

Comments by the CCPO Lahore Umar Shaikh suggesting that the victim of a gang rape on the motorway was to blame have spurred cries of outrage. The details told by the victim of the motorway gang-rape will burst you in to tears.

Investigators say the woman left her home with her two children in Lahore. She was driving when her car ran out of fuel around 1:30 am. She called a relative and a helpline for the highway police. However, before they arrived, two men approached. They broke the car’s windows and dragged the woman and her children to a field beside the highway, where she was gang-raped.

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Sadly, CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh is set to lead the investigation of the heinous incident. Talking to a TV channel he said the victim was at fault for “choosing the route she took and not checking her petrol tank”.

Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said on Twitter that CCPO’s remarks were ‘unacceptable.’ Meanwhile, Pakistanis in unison want the CCPO Lahore removed.

Mr. CCPO Lahore, Pakistan is a dangerous country for women. They are not even safe in their homes. Anyone, including you, who says otherwise is living in a universe of fools. Had you knew what the poor woman went through to save her children, you wouldn’t have made such a weak statement.

Real story of motorway gang-rape victim will give you goosebumps

Journalist Fereeha Idrees took to Twitter and told she had a conversation of the victim in Lahore and her story is ‘heartbreaking and gives goosebumps.’

Moreover, she narrated what actually happened that long night in a series of tweets. According to Fereeha, the victim had traveled on the same ill-fated route regularly and found it safe.

While she was waiting for help, two demons appeared out of nowhere. They started threatening her with long sticks and heavy stones, according to the journalist.

“They beat her up badly. In the fight, they used punches and fists and beat up the kids, the beasts grabbed the little children and ran away, she ran after them for the sake of her children.”

And, then they raped the woman in front of her children.

Meanwhile, the family, as per Fereeha, who went to retrieve them from the police station said they were completely terrorized. “They did not talk for hours. The children were numb.”

“We told her to be strong for her children or children would never recover,” said the family friend according to the journalist.

Moreover, Fereeha said, “Instead of wondering about the reasons why the woman was out, CCPO Lahore should have wondered…how come two dacoits appeared minutes after her calling the police?”

The journalist said both men were wearing ‘identical brown shalwar kameez.’ Meanwhile, Fereeha added, “the family of the victim clarified they had no personal enemy.”

‘Shoot me dead and don’t tell anyone’

Meanwhile, the survivor of the motorway gang-rape was quoted by another journalist in a tweet. The victim asked the first responders to shoot her dead and do not tell anyone about what had happened. Unbearable!

The first cop at the crime site also shares a harrowing account

Another harrowing account emerged of a Dolphin Force constable. Ali Abbas was one of the first people who reached the Lahore motorway gang-rape crime site.

According to ARY News, Abbas received a call on police helpline 15 at 2:49 am. They rushed to the spot where they saw a car with broken window glass. There was no one inside the vehicle, he added.

“I switched on a torch to look for the person who called the police and spotted a child’s shoe,” Abbas recounted. He added, the team became suspicious upon finding another shoe lying in the roadside fields. They fired gunshots in the air but couldn’t see anything due to darkness.

The Dolphin Force team walked towards bushes and heard the voice of a woman calling for help. Abbas said the woman and her children had huddled up close to each other.

This is a sad story of every other woman in Pakistan who is helpless and judged by society for her actions. These details shared by the victim of the motorway gang-rape has shooked the whole world.

So, dear CCPO Lahore, it is not about why the woman was out on the road at 12am. You have no right to limit women in Pakistan. Moreover, we don’t need your two cents. However, what you can do, which is also your duty, is to make every Pakistani woman feel secure, no matter where they are and at what time! They should not be robbed or raped.

Too difficuilt for you right!

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