Real Madrid Vs Chelsea-First UEFA Champions League Semi-Final With The Draw

First UEFA Champions League Semi-Final With The Draw-Real Madrid Vs Chelsea

Champions League few stages behind to reach their final stage in Turkey Istanbul, where among these four teams only two surely compete for the big prize and that’s for they have been writing for months.

Last night one of the semi-final fixtures played between two amazing teams Real Madrid and Chelsea.

Source: Managing Madrid

Real Madrid who previously beaten Liverpool to secure their semi-final position and Chelsea managed to keep their away goal advantage in the first leg to book their spot too.

The Match no one believed would get so much exciting, as both teams played brilliantly and produced outstanding games for their fans.

Real Madrid Vs Chelsea-Karim Benzema Stunned the Blues:

Between these two teams, the utmost top priority team undoubtedly considered Real Madrid as the head coach of the team Zinedine Zidane who holds the record of 3 consecutive champions league titles.

Source: Managing Madrid

But the outcome noticeably different from the perception because from the early start, Chelsea attacking the Real’s territory and keeping Thibaut Courtois busy.

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In the 9th minute, the Belgian Goal Keeper saved an amazing one-touch by Timo Werner, which sure looked like a goal but Courtois denied being beaten.

Both the teams striking, but at the 16th minute, the American player Christian Pulisic scored an outstanding goal with the solo play and gave his team an early lead.

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It looked like Chelsea demolished the Real Madrid defense with their play and long ball game. But Real Madrid didn’t let the visitors celebrate for too long and Karim Benzema scored an unbelievable goal.

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Karim Benzema showcased his true striking skills in the past couple of years since Ronaldo’s departure and he managed to become a key player in the squad.

The match also became special, because the former Chelsea player Eden Hazard also stepped in the second half after having several injuries since he arrived at the Spanish club.

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Chelsea tried many times to score and get the lead but couldn’t be done it. Looking at the stats, Chelsea got more shots than Real Madrid and even on target as well. The first leg of the Champions League Semi-Finals ended with a 1-1 draw at Santiago Bernabeu.

Managers Post-Match Talk:

Source: Marca

Thomas Tuchel changed the Chelsea team’s chemistry and game since they arrived. He said, “We started the game very, very well — very aggressively, with a lot of quality,”

“We deserved to win the first half. We should have scored at least one more when the chances and half-chances were there.”

“There was nothing else to defend for us, we did not allow any changes.

“So it was a bit of a disappointing result at half-time. It was important that we stayed calm and didn’t lose confidence.”

On the other hand, Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane said, “We are going to see. The minutes have to be managed because we have a game on Saturday and we have to be in good shape for the return leg.

Source: Managing Madrid

We are going to manage the players’ minutes,” “[The goal scored by] Karim is impressive, but I’m with the players in the same way.”

“The effort we have made has been impressive. I’m happy for the players because we are alive. We have to go to London and score goals.” He also appreciated Eder Militao,

“Mili had a great game, but like everyone else,” “We struggled for the first 25 minutes, but then we were good.”

Now both the teams will face each other for the second leg on the 6th of May, but before that tonight another big fixture comes ahead. Paris Saint-German facing Manchester City reached the semi-final after 4 years under Pep Guardiola.

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