Real Madrid Defeats Paris Saint-German To Reach Champions League Quarter-final

What a comeback! Real Madrid showed the whole world why they are the best and most dominant in the Champions League. With the outstanding performance by the whole squad and especially the striker Karim Benzema who changed the game.

It was chaos all over the Santiago Bernabeu, wherein the first half looked like Paris Saint-German might knock out the host, but soon the second half began things turned around in such a way that no one saw it coming except Real Madrid fans.

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From the PSG squad, Kylian Mbappe was the only player who stood apart among others, even eh Lionel Messi couldn’t surpass Madrid’s defenders and looked sluggish.

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It was the night that PSG might remember because in the second half there were tons of blunders happened that gave Real Madrid to take full advantage of it.

Real Madrid knock Paris Saint-German out of the champions league

The match began with excitement and passion from both sides. It was predicted that Real Madrid won’t hesitate to humiliate the visitors at home and later it happened. In the first half, PSG tried to make changes to score, and in the 39th minute, Kylian Mbappe scored a stunning goal to give his side the lead.

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Even the home crowd was also cheering him. The first half ended and in the second half Real Madrid entered with new energy. Attack after attack and they were ready to rumble. They focused on not letting Messi, Neymar, or Mbappe in their box.

The defense of Real Madrid was top-notch and here right after 15 minutes in the second half, the skipper Karim Benzema went crazy, and with the three goals hat trick.

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The first Real Madrid goal was the whole blunder by the goalkeeper who was dispossessed by Karim and with the assist of Vini Jr. Karim Benzema scored the first goal for Real Madrid. The second goal was a perfect strike and beat the world-class keeper Donnarumma.

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The last and hat trick goal was a disaster for the PSG as the skipper gave them away and right there Benzema with the flick touch scored the third goal to make the entry in the Champions League quarter-final.

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Throughout the match, there was no Neymar or Messi. The whole PSG team was dispossessed in every way. They looked like an inexperienced squad who were facing Real Madrid. Real Madrid last year was knocked out of the champions league by Chelsea in the semi-finals.

‘We’re the only team in the final 30 minutes’ – Carlo Ancelotti

Well, said Carlo Ancelotti. Truly in the last final 30 minutes, the whole game was in the hand of Real Madrid and they were playing like champions. Ancelotti is the one who let the Real Madrid in the 2014/15 Champions league season.

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After the match, Ancelotti said, “We’re all very happy and excited. There are not many more words for it. I think all Madridistas are happy and that’s the most important thing.

We suffered a lot but stayed in there. It was tough to win the ball back in the first half, but one good press from Karim gave us the first goal, and then the magic of this stadium happened. It’s not hard to explain.

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The fans gave us energy and killed the opponent. There was only one team on the pitch for the final 30 minutes. I’ve had many nights in this competition, but there are not many nights like this one. If it becomes a truly unforgettable night, it’ll mean we’ve gone far in this year’s Champions League.”

 “We had problems getting the ball, but good pressure from Karim allowed us to equalize and then the magic of the Bernabeu appeared.

“From 1-1, there was only one team going to win.” “They’re better every day,” Ancelotti said, beaming. “I have the pleasure of working with them.

“Karim had an injury and now he’s back. Luka always plays at his best, wherever he plays.” “If we’re playing well we can compete against any team,” Ancelotti said. “Things have changed because we played better tonight. “Luck, of course, helps.

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On substitution tactic, Ancelotti said, “The tactical changes were important because we changed the game. The freshness of Camavinga and Rodrygo helped. But, it wasn’t just tactical. We had more energy. That was partly because Camavinga had a lot of energy and they didn’t have anymore.”

“Tonight was the magic of the stadium and a club with great history. I’ve had a lot of games in this competition and there were few like tonight.

“Hopefully it won’t be forgotten, and it will lead us to do well throughout this Champions League.”

‘Benzema fouled Donnarumma’ – Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino was unhappy with the referee’s decision for not calling it foul when Benzema dispossessed Donnarumma to get the ball. “There’s a feeling of a lot of injustice,” Pochettino said after the game. “Because of the goal.

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“It was a clear foul from Benzema on Donnarumma. The emotional state of the game changed and we were exposed. It was a big blow because we were the better team in the tie.

“We had the better of the 180 minutes, but Real Madrid had nothing to lose at 1-1 and threw everything at us.”

“It’s not a mistake because it was a clear foul,” Pochettino insisted. “I’ve seen it 30 or 40 times from every angle. “It wasn’t a mistake, it was a foul. Small details count and VAR hasn’t seen a decisive foul.

“It was a determining factor that influenced the mood of the two teams and the stadium. We had been in control.”

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Even after the big UCL collapse another year, Pochettino claimed that PSG was better than Real Madrid. He said, “The first goal completely changed the game.

For an hour, we were better than Real Madrid. The atmosphere changed in the stadium. We made some mistakes after that, we can’t say we didn’t. The worst feeling is that we were on the better side, but we lost the tie in 10 minutes.

“Paris Saint-Germain have been chasing the Champions League for several years now. I’m disappointed, upset – but these things can happen. The next few weeks are not going to be easy.”

Real Madrid undoubtedly dominated the Paris Saint-German throughout the second half and was humiliated in the last 30 minutes.

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