WATCH: Real-Life Rapunzel Gets Her First Hair Cut After 12 Years Of Growing It

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Guinness World Record holder Nilanshi Patel from India’s Gujrat, who has the longest hair in the world, has officially cut it off after 12 years of growing it. She had held the title since 2018 when she was 16 years old. Interestingly, her hair measured 170.5 cm (5 ft. 7 in).

Last July, just before her 18th birthday, Nilanshi’s hair was measured for the last time. She reached an incredible 200cm (6ft 6.7 inches), securing her the iconic title for the longest hair ever on a teenager as well, the Guinness World Records said in a blog. 

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Nilanshi decided to stop cutting her hair when she was six following a bad experience at the hairdressers. She spent 12 years without a haircut and previously described her long hair as her ‘lucky charm’. The teenager grew her hair for over a decade and earned the world record title. Now she finally made the decision to cut off her locks.

The big decision!

In her hair cutting video, Nilanshi said, “My hair gave me a lot. Because of my hair I am known as the ‘real-life Rapunzel’. Now it is time to give it something back”.

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“I’m so excited and a little bit nervous because I don’t know how I’m looking in the new hairstyle… so let’s see what happens, but I hope it’s going to be amazing,” Nilanshi said just before her life-changing haircut. Before the first snip took place, Nilanshi kissed her hair goodbye.

Once all Nilanshi’s hair had been cut, it was tied up into a bunch that weighed a total of 266 g (9.4 oz).

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Watch Nilanshi get her hair chopped!

Nilanshi donated her hair to Ripley’s. Once it has been shipped from India to the USA it will be on display at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Hollywood before being displayed at Guinness World Records Museum, also in Hollywood.

A few years back, a Pakistani girl broke the taboo of donating hair by cutting off her 23 inches of hair to donate them to cancer patients of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. Anyhow, did you know that getting your hair washed at a salon can give you a stroke?

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