Rawalpindi Man Strips Teenage Wife Naked & Forces Her Out Of The House

rawalpindi man strips wife naked

In yet another disturbing event, a man in Rawalpindi stripped his 14-year-old newly-wife naked and forced her out on the streets without any clothes.

According to a police official, the victim had sustained serious injuries during the attack. The victim’s father, Yousuf Khan, filed a complaint on Monday. He stated that he took his daughter for a medical examination as per the case requirements. However, they were refused service.

rawalpindi wife naked
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In his first information report (FIR) registered against his son-in-law, who is also his nephew (sister’s son), Khan said that the man stripped his own wife naked on the streets of Rawalpindi. Not only that but she was also forced out of their home by her husband, according to The Express Tribune.

“Their neighbors provided clothes to my daughter before she reached my home,” he added. While restating his daughter, the father said his son-in-law had tied the victim to a bed stand naked. In addition to this, he sexually assaulted her before pushing her out of his house.

“After stripping her naked, he tied up my daughter to a charpoy and threatened her that he would make people see her in this state.” Moreover, the father said this is not the first time this man has tortured his daughter.

rawalpindi man wife torture
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He accused the man of abuse and torture against his daughter in the past. “Since the first day of their wedding, the man had been torturing my daughter and recently he sexually abused her as well,” the father said in the FIR.

Police have arrested the culprit

The man who tortured his 14-year-old wife has been arrested, said the Saddar police. The suspect, identified as Badsha Khan, was arrested in Malik Colony on Girja Road.

man torture wife rawalpindi
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As of now, he is being interrogated, said Saddar Police SHO Inspector Malikullah Yar. The man is around 28 years old.

As per the sources, the father of the 14-year-old victim said the suspect was a carpenter. The man said the suspect’s brother and their other family members were hurling serious threats at them.

It is pertinent to mention that in another incident reported on Tuesday, a 23-year old Indian girl named Aisha from Ahmedabad made a video before committing suicide. Poor girl ended her life owing to the mental trauma she went through because of her husband.

Last month, a horrific gang-rape case emerged of a first-year female college student who was abducted allegedly gang-raped by beastly boys in Karachi, Pakistan. Where is the world heading?

Story Courtesy: Express Tribune

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