Why Pakistanis Donate More When There Is Ramazan Or A Crisis?

poor in pakistan

The whole world is concerned if the will survive the global coronavirus pandemic but for a family in Karachi it is more important of they will survive one night. A local anchorperson shared a heartbreaking story of the family on social media.

He shared how poor people are happy with the current situation as they are now offered food and other basic necessities.

Afridi in a video message on Facebook shared a story of a poor old woman who is a widow and living with her three or four daughters. While narrating the incident he said someone told him about the family. He collected basic ration for them and reach their house which is located in a Karachi slum.

“When I reach the family she greeted me with a smile. I gave her the little gift [ration] to which the women said, ‘Ration laye ho?’, I said, ” Yes, and I hope it will be enough for some days”. She offered me tea but I politely refused and told her to pray for me.

The woman said, “Mujhe nahi pata bahar kia horaha hai but aesa lag raha hai Eid ka sama hai hamare liye. Ya Allah Ramazan to nahi but Eid hai to is ky sadke is bachy ki murad puri karde. Ya Allah aese din baar baar laye jab hamain bhooka na sona pare” which meane, “I don’t know what’s happening in the world but It’s like Eid for us. I pray that all your wishes come true and such days keep coming to us so that we don’t have to sleep with an empty stomach.”

According to Afridi, he couldn’t reply to her as she wasn’t aware of the coronavirus crisis happening around the world. He also urged people to help the poor regardless if its Ramazan, Eid or any particular event.


The incident brought tears in the anchor’s eyes. People have been commenting and sharing the message all over the internet. They are also praising Afridi’s effort towards the social cause.

Many other celebrities have also started their donation drives to help people in need. Pakistani actors like Maya Ali, Ali Zafar, Feroze Khan, Hira Mani, and anchorperson Aamir Liaquat Hussain are donating ration to needy in this lockdown.

poor in pakistan

source: Oxfam Asia

However, the question still remains the same. Why we only act when we are in trouble? Why don’t we take care of our neighborhoods and poor when we always can. Hopefully, this coronavirus crisis will end soon and people will be back to their normal lives and not forget the poor to suffer.

Let’s forward the message of humanity and seek forgiveness before it’s too late.

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