Asim Azhar and Other Pakistanis Made Sure This Tweet by Ranveer Singh Haunts Him for Life

Last night’s emphatic victory over India has got every Pakistani like:

While Indians are like…

But we are not sorry at all because we have got a victory to celebrate. We have been longing for a token of triumph for so long and now that it has finally come for us, we cannot hold back our reactions. The entire epidemic of Pakistan versus India followed people from across two borders engaged in trolling each other. You must know how the likes of Virender Sehwag, Rishi Kapoor and almost every Indian who attempted to express their sheer resentment against Pakistan were trolled. Our social media army taught every Indian a good lesson. Just as any Indian tried to troll a Pakistani, they were given a shut up call that made them regret ever coming out on social media.

Ranveer Singh, unfortunately, became the target of our Twitter army for this Tweet

When Ranveer labeled Pakistan “fortunate” for batting so well, he was not spared then either…

See guys, you can’t get away with anything. You must not want to be an Indian last night. You can’t even express your frustration over social media because you know you are getting a real spanking by our Twitter army. Ranveer Singh must instantly regret showing up on Twitter with such remarks. Not really the first time an Indian was handed a shut-up call by a Pakistan. They keep on coming and coming, one after another.

As for now, we have a victory to celebrate. I swear it was long due and it came over India which makes it perfect. As the match progressed towards victory by the rapid fall of wickets, people having the loudest mouth conceded and it all came crashing down for Indians. Kudos to the Boys in Green for notching an enthralling victory over our arch-rivals!

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