This Restaurant Is Just The Spot Karachiites Had Been Looking For

This Restaurant Is Just The Spot Karachiites Had Been Looking For Exceptional Fine Dining!

They often say that Lahoris are the craziest for food, but they somehow forgot to mention the appetite and love for food Karachiites have. With hundreds of different dining experiences at the city’s behest, fine dining is an experience everyone wants to avail with their friends, family and loved ones.

We’ve got some good news for Karachiites who are into good food, great ambiance, and a perfect dining experience. There’s a new restaurant open in Clifton called ‘Ranoush Villa’, which means a peaceful or serene place. The restaurant located in the exact same space where previously ‘Arizona Grill – The Villa’ had been operating. The one of its kind fine dining restaurant offers an indoor and outdoor dining experience for their customers.

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Ambiance = 8/10

Source: parhlo

We decided to check the place out and see what they had to offer at their soft launch. Upon entering Ranoush Villa, the serene vibes got the best of our team who was visiting the restaurant for a review. The entrance board itself makes you want to be a part of the experience, not just the food.

The table arrangements, lightings and the overall ambiance of the restaurant were surprisingly cozy. Felt very casual and very formal at the same time, providing best of the both worlds. You could visit Ranoush Villa from your school, college or university, and you could also plan a proper formal dinner with your peers or family. The ambiance will not disappoint you.

Food = 9/10

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We ordered their Dynamite Prawns for starters, and oh my God, although our friends weren’t too acquainted with seafood and weren’t really into prawns, the Dynamite Prawns literally tingled every wire of our taste buds. As for the main course, we had a variety of different meals from the menu.

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From the steaks we ordered to Ranoush’s chicken tarragon, everything we ordered was worth the little time we had to wait. Ranoush offers a wide range of steaks, from local steaks to imported steaks. As per the order, the steaks were juicy, tender and tasty. The food gets a four-star performance and definitely worth being treated to. The Red Burger was a treat itself, from presentation to taste.

Prices = 7/10

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People who are regulars to fine dining know that every restaurant that offers a good experience makes you charge for it. The prices for Ranoush Villa can be dubbed as a little expensive, only. The reason being that all their ingredients are expensive and imported. For example, compared to a Rs. 1000 steak on the menu, The Ribeye Wild Thyme Steak (Imported) costs a whopping Rs. 3,475.

Service = 9/10

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Contrary to popular belief, this was the first time we actually saw a fine dining restaurant with a feasible and fast service. The waiters were very kind and their presence and behavior made us feel welcomed. The food did not take much time on preparation or being delivered to our table, and yes, it was extremely fresh. The staff was very welcoming and the service was exceptionally good.

Overall, Ranoush Villa was an extremely fond and yummy experience. It is recommended to people who love to go out to formal dinners and eat good food with great company. The ambiance is bound to give you positive vibes and the overall experience is a solid 8.5/10!

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