#RangersHateRoohAfza: Raid Carried Out On Rooh Afza Factory

Yesterday, Tuesday evening, Rangers surrounded the streets leading towards the factory of Roohafza (a non-alcoholic concentrated squash made with fruits, herbs, and vegetable extracts) in Surjaani Town, Karachi, Sindh. A heavy contingent of the paramilitary forces was present in the neighbourhood, closer to a nearby warehouse that happened to store the product.

“[It is a] part of a strategy to criminalise/terrorise use of Rooh Afza to compel people to switch to Jaam-e-Shireen”, Baray Mian tweeted.


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Meanwhile, speaking to a private TV channel, the owner of the factory said, “I will first have a glass of Rooh Afza with milk before facing Qarshi, the company that makes Jaam-e-Shireen.”

“This is not the right way to treat the Mashroob-e-Mashriq. They should have asked before coming over and I would have given each one of them a bottle myself.”

No refuge was given to any sharbat by Naurus , added the factory owner.

Drinkers of Rooh Azfa took to Twitter to express their outrage.

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Some people rumored as Jaam-e-Shireen supporters were in favour of the action taken.

7 copyHowever, the drinkers of Rooh Afza still stand strong

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Further details are still unknown.

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