Rangers Will Soon Regret Launching Their WhatsApp Helpline In Sindh!

 As of now, citizens of Sindh can launch complaints, observances and notices of any unlawful activities to the Rangers of Sindh on their official WhatsApp Helpline. The WhatsApp number is 0316-2369996, or one can send an email to rangers.madadgar@gmail.com.

The public helpline can be very useful in addressing any disturbances one witnesses or is a victim of in their day to day life, and is a great initiative.

One that you know for sure Pakistanis are going to mess with and misuse here is how…

1. If the frandshippers get a hold of the rangers number

whatapp ranger

2. If you accidently send a message for your Bachi to the rangers Number!

rangers-whatsapp-2- copy

3. The People who Just won’t believe they have messaged the wrong Person!

rangers-whatsapp-2 copy

4. People Who Think That Every Crime Is Worth Reporting No Matter How Microscopic!

rangers-whatsapp-3- copy

5. The Famous Saba Getting a Hold Of The rangers Number!!!

rangers-whatsapp-72- copy

6. The Cyber Dealers In Karachi Almost Getting Caught Red Handed

rangers-whatsapp-4- copy

7. No Woman Can resist a man in uniform

rangers WA 7 copy

8. And of course the disgruntled GFs who will go to any lengths to get her BF Back!

rangers-whatsapp-7- copy

  In all honesty, though let’s try and use this convenience provided to us for the betterment of society. Let’s not prank the rangers, or send them marriage proposal no matter how tempting that may sound. We should try and help them protect and serve our country and not become a hindrance for them.

Disclaimer: This article is fictional and made for awareness purposes only. This by no means encourages such an attitude. We believe that laws should be made to take actions against those who abuse such services.

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