Rangers in Karachi Rescued School Kids&We Are Loving Them Even More

Rangers Rescue School Kids in Karachi and We Are Loving Them Even More

Our love for Pakistani army and rangers keeps growing. We rely more on our arm forces than the government officials and so far, we are not disappointed by this choice.

After the rangers handled the MQM fiasco that took place in Karachi this past week, our faith in them has increased more. Just like it did after they helped school children reach their homes safely.

Today in Nazimabad Karachi, van of school going children broke down on the side of the road. While the driver didn’t know how to get the van fixed, it took them a while to resolve the issue. In the meanwhile, rangers in Karachi appeared to the scene and provided security to children for an hour. Knowing how dangerous the environment of the city has become, rangers stayed there till after an hour, they decided to carry the children in their own vehicles and drop them home safely.

In moments like these we cannot thank our Pakistani army enough for taking small matters into consideration and providing safety to the children of the country who are abducted and sold off.

We know for a fact that ever since rangers have started taking matters into their hands, they try to resolve them as much as possible. We hope to see more of Pakistani rangers in matters like these.

 Thank you, rangers for not letting us down. Thank you, Raheel Shareef!


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