Let’s Celebrate “National Random Act of Kindness Day” this 17th February and Make a Difference

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What is kindness? A quality of being friendly, generous and considerate towards others. Spread Smiles. Greet each other with a warm heart. Pick up garbage. Make a donation to a food bank. Help others without hesitation. Forgive someone who has done you wrong. Give someone a random compliment.

Can you imagine living in a place where all these acts are practiced unhesitatingly? Just imagine!! Living in a place where people look out for each other, where selfless acts are practiced by choice. Kindness is a skill – and like any other skill, it can be developed with practice and repetition. So how about we practice our kindness strength this February?

Source: CharchaGuru

In honor of the month of love, friendship and National Random Act of Kindness day (17 February), let’s all challenge ourselves to devote our energy towards an act of kindness. When we practice love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel good about themselves but also helps us develop inner peace and contentment. Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like.

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves

Wishing you all a blissful February!!!

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