Rana Sanaullah Just Took Shots At Bilawal Bhutto Saying He Is ‘Not A Mard’ And Here We Go Again!

Accusations, slander, scheming and hate campaigns are just a few of the things Pakistani politicians indulge in. Rana Sanaullah Khan belonging to Nawaz Sharif’s party PML-N is quite well versed with these low tactics as well. He has made several speeches against the opposition leaders and their parties. One speech however that went too far and landed him in hot waters was where he made sexist and misogynistic remarks about the female attendees of the PTI rally at Minar-e-Pakistan; calling them not honorable and more.

Here’s The Video To Jog That Memory:

Unfortunately, politicians making derogatory comments and below the belt remarks have become a normal practice and an expected behavior. The standard of a learned leader in this country has dropped significantly low and Rana Sanaullah is the perfect example to quote.

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A video of him is circulating on various social networking platforms where he is being interviewed. The content of which is surprising even coming from Rana Sanuallah who already has a tarnished reputation in the political realm and among the general public of Pakistan.

Rana Sanaullah Made Obscene Remarks About Bilawal Zardari Saying That He Is Not A Man.

When the interviewer asked Rana about his thoughts on Bilawal Zardari, he quite mockingly said that he is not a man and if his medical-checkup is done, my statement can be proven right. He continued to laud Bilawal’s decision about marrying according to his sister’s wishes but confidently claims that Bilawal will not get married.

You Can Watch The Interview Below.

‏“بلاول مرد نہیں ہے، اسکا طبی معائنہ کروایا جائے تو یہ بات ثابت ہو سکتی ہے۔” رانا ثنا

Posted by PTI Junoon on Monday, June 17, 2019


Rana Sanaullah definitely played it safe by not calling him a woman in the context of it being derogatory and demeaning. Instead, he just kept the options open by simply saying he is not a male, which isn’t shocking. Bilawal has been targeted countless times with the same insults which haven’t gotten unnoticed.

First to call a man a woman as an insult is absolutely wrong but you can’t really expect that sick mindset to change anytime soon considering years and years of patriarchal brought up. Second, insulting someone on a personal level, that too coming from so-called “leaders” shows the incompetency, moral bankruptcy of people that handle the future of this nation. God help us!

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