Rana Sanaullah Thinks It Is ‘OK’ To Keep Money In The Bank Account Of A Servant

rana sanaullah

PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah believes there is no problem if a person keeps money in the bank accounts of their employees. However, what the former Punjab law minister forgot is that this is illegal and called money laundering.

Sanaullah appeared in a chat show on a local TV where he indirectly accepted the fact his party leader Nawaz Sharif hide his money in different accounts. He thinks that there is no legal offense in using a servant account for personal interest.

“Suppose you have an employee whom you pay Rs18,000 or Rs20,000 monthly. If you open a bank account in his name and then transfer the money you’ve taken from a friend into that account, there’s no law that prohibits that,” he said.

His statement has shocked many, including the panel present in that chat show. Federal Maritime Minister Ali Zaidi, who was also a guest on the show, laughed at Sanaullah’s remarks. He said this was a clear admittance of crime.

It seems like Sanaullah who himself was minister for law needs to know law more. Transferring or keeping money in a servant/employee account is clearly a fraud. Even a layman who doesn’t know much about the laws can tell this.

Sanaullah was arrested in 2019 for allegedly carrying drugs in his car.

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