Remember ‘Ramzan Aya, Roza Rakho Ji’ Kid? He Is Back Again

The month of Ramadan is a treat for everybody. People fast, they try to be nice to each other and then at iftar, go all crazy over delicious food. They pray work and life moves smoothly.

There are some things, however, that have the ability to jeopardize your fast, such as internet trolls. In this case – the troll takes the shape of Ramadan songs.

Three years ago, a song named “Ramzan Aaya, Roza Rakho Ji” became viral on social media. The song became an anthem for Muslims around the world who were fasting.

Due to its popularity, the song pops up every year whenever the month of Ramadan starts. Sung by India’s Rais Anis Sabri, the song has become famous due to its unconventional music, an iconic video, and the kid’s hilarious expressions. as far as we know, it’s not based on a Bollywood song, but hey, it’s a classic.

One thing, however, that most of us did not know was that Rais Anis Sabri is one of India’s famous Qawwal. He has performed Sufiana Qawwalis’ at a very young age and became the youngest Qawwali, performer.

The incredible transformation of Rais Anis Sabri

Sabri belongs to India’s state Uttar Pradesh. He gave his first performance at the age of six. At a very young age, he had several CDs to his credit. Moreover, his Sufiana Kalam Chisti Rung became a household name.

Now, Sabri is all grown up. He has transformed into a good looking curly haired young boy. The recent pictures of Sabri have broken the internet. Here we have some pictures of this talented young boy that will make you adore him. Have a look at this amazing transformation of Sabri.

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Best memories 2016 in #cape town ?

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Ready for show ?

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He’s also pretty famous on Instagram. With over four thousand followers, Sabri keeps updating fans with pictures of himself sharing the frame with some of the known names in the music industry. The singer has met the likes of AR Rahman and Kailash Kher.

Anis Sabri is also a famous Qawwal

Apart from Ramzan Aya Rozo Rakho Ji, Sabri has also released a few new songs. Here’s Sabri’s rendition of “Mun Kunto Maula”. Check it out.

Due to his Qawwali’s and outstanding singing ability, Rais Anis Sabri has now got a huge following on YouTube as well. Apart from that, Sabri has also won several awards for his outstanding talent.
Looking at the massive increase in popularity of this boy, it seems possible that he could soon get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the future.


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