COVID-19: Famous Celebrity Chef Fires 500 Employees

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has come under fire following revelations that he fired 500 members of his staff because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them got the bad news via email and some during meetings.

It was recently revealed that Ramsay laid off 500 members of staff after he had to temporarily close his group of restaurants amid the virus pandemic.

Some of the employees were reportedly called to a meeting at his Heddon Street Kitchen restaurant, London where they were told that their contracts were being terminated.

The chef is known for his hot-headed personality and expletive language. He has a chain of restaurants across the globe. In a world where appallingly food is hardly come-at-able for many, Ramsey’s restaurants are worth beyond one’s comprehension.

His decision to fire 500 staff members shocked many and people are now bashing him for making their lives miserable when a crisis is already on everyone’s head.

Ramsay’s staff in shock and tears

A report by the Daily Mail said that some of Ramsay’s staff, including waiters and chefs, were told that their contracts were being terminated by emails. They would, however, be paid for their work till April 17. The chef gave no guarantee that they would get their jobs back when the venues re-open.

Chef Anca Toropu, 28, who had worked as a chef at the Bread Street Kitchen branch of Ramsay’s restaurant empire took to Facebook and criticized Ramsay.

“Such a shame to see how the company that you worked for and gave everything you had for 2 years throw you away like you are nothing but a little piece of shit. Especially in difficult times like this even though they have absolutely nothing to lose by keeping you. Gordon Ramsey, I hope you sleep well at night knowing that so many people don’t have a job in this difficult time because of you,” she wrote.

Popular restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin criticized the move on Twitter, and said, “Yet again, a day when multi-millionaires won’t put hands in pockets while the little guys doing everything they can for their staff”.

Ramsay hits back at criticism

Ramsay, who is worth an estimated £185 million, also responded after he was abuse on social media for firing employees.

In another tweet, he said, “You complain about food for a living! Closed restaurants with your poison pen because they didn’t kiss your a***, ever thought about giving back across these difficult times? I’ve done nothing BUT put my hands in my pockets for years!”

However, amidst all the criticisms, Ramsay in a contradictory Instagram post note asked people to ‘be safe and take care of each other in these challenging times’.

Ramsay’s lay off decision is a clear violation of the UK’s government’s orders that insist on partly funding them. They said to pay 80% of their salary while the pandemic goes on. A spokesperson for the restaurants said that they support the government’s decision and were working to keep as many workers as possible.


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