Ramiz Raja Asked Usman Shinwari “Ultay-Seedhay” Questions and He Got Sharam Se Paani, Paani!

Ramiz Raja is one legend Pakistan has. What can this guy not do? From a good player to being the leading commentator, he is everywhere! Ramiz is well popular for his profound puns in the commentary. He dubs normal words and twists in a certain fashion that gives off double meanings.

Source: Hindustan Times

We all came across the recent interview of Ramiz Raja with Shoaib Malik featuring Waqar Younis. Shoaib was asked some of the most awkward and weird questions that you would not expect in a normal interview. In fact, Shoaib Malik urged to say that it seemed more complicated than an interview for US visa. Now Ramiz Raja strikes again and Pakistani bowler, Usman Shinwari was the unfortunate victim…

Check it out here:

While the rest of us…

Source: Giphy

Whether you like it or not, Ramiz Raja does have a sense of humor. This interview was a bit lighter than Shoaib Malik’s. However, the reaction of Usman Shinwari was equally surprising… He handled it quite well and laughed off where it was obvious. Looks like, they have a special arrangement to get Pakistani cricketers for such interviews with Ramiz Raja. First Shoaib, now Usman, WHO’S NEXT?

Let us keep an eye around… but one thing, these interviews are surely entertaining no matter how embarrassing they are for either the cricketer and the audience.

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