Ramiz Raja Subtly Trolled Imad Wasim on his Dismissal by Singing ‘Afghan Jalebi’

Once something goes on the social media, it is never forgotten. It may cool down, it may settle – but people never forget about it. Same goes for Pakistani cricketer Imad Wasim who is currently caught in a scandal with a Dutch-Afghan girl.

According to the Girl, Imad Wasim Promised to Marry her But then Disappeared

He stopped returning her calls and did not respond to any of her messages. She then released the news on social media.

She first kept her identity hidden and just wanted all of this to go out in the media in order to warn other women who Imad may pouch.

Imad Wasim then Denied his Involvement with this Girl and Called these Pictures ‘Fake’

IMAD WASIM Clarification About Recent Issue Of FAKE EDITED PICTURES ?. @imadwasim9

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While Everybody Started Attacking the Involved Female and Blamed her, She then Shared the Unedited Pictures and Revealed herself As Well

Videos and Voice Notes were Also Released


While the matter is fresh and obviously, everyone in the world of cricket knows about it, former cricketer and commentator Ramiz Raja took full advantage of it and trolled Imad Wasim in a light manner.

Imad Wasim was out for 10 runs in the second ODI against Sri Lanka. On this moment, Ramiz Raja sang Indian song Afghan Jalebi to troll Imad since the involved female in this scandal belongs to Afghanistan.

In Case You Missed It, Here’s the Link

It won’t go out of the heads of people sooner, one can be sure about that.

For now, let’s just all see if Imad Wasim ever admits to the real story.

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