Here’s How Ramadan Cleanses Our Soul And Is A True Source Of Inspiration!

5 Things You Should Do Before The Month Of Ramadan Starts

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Ramadan is a religious month celebrated by Muslims all around the world. In this month, they not merely fast from food but also constraint themselves from lying, hypocrisy and deceiving each other. And right after that, a devout event named as Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after fasting the whole month.

Ramadan literally cleanses one’s soul

The month of Ramadan nourishes the soul and one’s mind. It’s not just about waking up at midnight and eating ‘sehri’ but during the prime time. One night, I woke up to prepare sehri for my family. I started chopping green chillis to add spice to the omelet. The chilli appeared to be of lush green color and was super fresh but on chopping, its seeds were of black color.


A ripple cracked through my mind that isn’t it the same as the behavior of people around us? What I mean is that the chili is a perfect explanation of human behavior. We are sugar-coated like candies but when chopped, shows the original color – our black hearts. Chili seeds can be abolished but how can these black hearts be detached from the human body? My mind got stuck whenever I think about these realities but I am unable to find an answer. I bet we suppress these questions which hit our minds and feel offended to ask.

I experienced many thoughts which I consider worth-sharing with everyone so that everyone else can also relate to the beauty in a different way. I consider these thoughts are a result of Ramadan, the beautiful month. The real purpose of Ramadan is to clear these black seeds (our hearts), making them brighter and dazzling. These are not just the days and nights to digest lavish foods but pondering over the beauty and unrevealed facts. Ramadan caters us the blessings and spirituality, and the beauty of Ramadan lies in exploring the unrevealed facts.

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