Don’t Waste This Blessed Month Of Ramadan, What If It’s Your Last?


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This article was originally submitted by Ayesha Ilyas

Ramadan Mubarak is a very blessed month, a special month to grab the blessings of Allah. In Ramadan, the throne of Allah comes down to the first sky, the doors of hell are closed and the doors of heaven are opened.

Those who get this month are very lucky but unfortunately, people do not realize the importance of it. The purpose of Ramadan is to worship and please Allah, purify the heart and forgive those with whom we are angry though today the majority have deviated from this main purpose.

The fact is, fasting is supposed to be of all of our body parts. The fast of the brain is not to think wrong, the fast of the eyes is not to look at obscene things, the fast of the ears is not to listen to haraam things; for example music, the fast of the tongue is not to lie and not to abuse. Similarly, the fast of the hands is not to do anything wrong, and the fast of the feet is not to walk with arrogance.

We all know these things and also know that this auspicious month comes only once in a year but still even less than 50% of people follow these majors.

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People have just given the name of fasting to be hungry and thirsty which is seriously a shame for us. Almost everyone has become so much busy in this fake world that they have strayed far from their religion. I am very sorry to say that for years people have literally made Ramadan a joke; they stay up all night watching movies, dramas and engaging themselves in social media then after doing sehri they sleep the whole day.

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Other than this, they spend all their time in Eid’s shopping and in iftar parties. Sadly, like this, they waste the entire month of Ramadan. The significance of the Ramadan is that all months like Muharram, Rabi ul awwal, Safar till the end have been named by Arabs. However, the name of Ramadan is mentioned by Allah in the Quran. What could be bigger than that?

In fact, the fast of the ummah before us was difficult, it was from iftar to iftar and as compared to their fast, our fast is much easy: from suhoor to iftar. This is truly a blessing for us for which we should be thankful to Allah but what we are doing is that we are giving more priority to worldly things than Ramadan itself.

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As soon as the month of Ramadan begins, the price of everything increases and the only slogan in the mouths of shopkeepers is that it is time for us to earn.

But how much money will they make? Maybe a few million, billion or even a trillion. However,  if they give goods at a lesser price to a fasting person, Allah (SWT) will surely stable their eleven generations. Don’t make Ramadan a month of making money, but a month of getting into paradise. This world and everything that exists here is temporary; including money and no matter how much money we make, we can never compete with God’s paradise, but everyone is ignoring these things is badly misled.

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Allah (SWT) is giving numerous chances to his people so they can come back to the right path, but it seems as if the eyes of the people have been blindfolded – they are thinking what they are doing is right. Therefore, if the people do not open their eyes in spite of being given a chance by Allah, He, too, pulls the rope. That’s exactly what is happening today; Allah has pulled the rope of the people just from a tiny coronavirus.

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Even in this condition as well instead of trying to recover, people are in curiosity; for example how many people have died from this virus and where did this virus come from.

But being a Muslim our belief is in Islam and Islam says: disease comes from Allah and is not transmitted in a human until Allah Almighty Himself has transmitted it. So now we have to leave this curiosity and should try to come to the right path because, to be honest, this is just a trailer of God’s punishment; which has locked the whole world inside their houses. Now how will people go to iftar parties and for Eid’s shopping?

It’s not too late yet, we should be prudent and ask Allah to forgive us for our mistakes and sins.

In fact, Ramadan means to burn. In this month, if a man or woman fasts, his or her sins of the past year keep burning. But for that, their fasts should really be fasts, not just starving. This shows how much Allah (SWT) loves us and does not even close the door of forgiveness for us despite our mistakes.

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It is my appeal to all, please don’t waste this blessed month of Ramadan. We don’t know if we will get to see Ramadan next year or not, therefore, we should try to please Allah (SWT) as much as possible, as soon as possible. Last but not the least, don’t repeat your mistakes and again, I’m repeating this, make your fast really a fast in which the fast is of our all body parts.

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Surely, whoever does this, Allah will be his and whoever finds Allah will get his paradise his worries will be removed and he will be saved from all kinds of diseases including COVID 19 – that person will be the luckiest. Seriously, I have no words to describe the good fortune of such a person. So everyone, open your eyes before it is too late. also, you can follow the accurate Ramadan timings here.

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