Ramadan Transmissions are Now a Joke!

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Ramadan transmissions nowadays are showing what they aren’t meant for. They seem more like a game show or a comedy program rather than a transmission depicting the essence of the holy month of Ramadan.

People are just running after the so-called ratings and the business being made by these shows rather than focusing on the content that should be the part of an actual Ramadan transmission. You can see an artist, a cricketer, a singer, a player, an actor, a makeup artist but occasionally an Islamic scholar.

Source: Dunya Blogs

I wonder what the world of poor children would turn into if the money invested in the pomp and show of the sets of these Ramadan transmissions is rather harvested into their fortune.

It’s time to change, time to come up with content that actually benefits the society in this Holy month. Time to come up with ideas of the right ways to reach the masses with teachings of Islam and to tell the world how Ramadan is actually spent in Pakistan!!

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