Rakhi Sawant Slams Hindu Extremists For Targeting Muslims In India

rakhi sawant support muslims

Bollywood’s controversial actress Rakhi Sawant has released a video where she has raised her voice against increasing violence targetting Muslims in India. Rakhi is known for creating fake controversies but this time she has shocked us by taking the right stance.

In Rakhi’s most of the videos shared on Instagram, she has been condemning the violence against Muslims in India. She has been raising her voice for those suffering in the country. When the entire Bollywood is mum over the issue, Rakhi is trying to become a voice of the voiceless.

Rakhi always stays in the news for everything she does. But, no Indian media has yet reported her views about the Muslim community. Many local media outlets are spreading and supporting Hindu’s violence on Muslims amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Rakhi said Muslims are peace-loving people, and they are making a lot of efforts for humanity during the ongoing crisis.

“Indian Muslims are honest and helpful people like no one else. Some cheap people in India are maligning Muslims. India is as much of Muslims as it is for Hindus, Sikhs, Christians or any other community. Muslims didn’t bring coronavirus in India. It (the virus) has come for those who do bad for the society,” she said.

In another video, Rakhi slammed famed Indian wrestler and politician Babita Phogat for her comment demonizing Muslims. Babita had said the Muslim sect was a bigger problem than the coronavirus pandemic in India. Her tweet didn’t go down well with several Twitter users and they even trended the hashtag #SuspendBabitaPhogat.
According to Rakhi, such statements don’t suit people like Babita Phogat who is a pride of India.

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Javed Jaffrey also accused of spreading hatred

Indian actor Javed Jaffrey who has always shown his support for Muslims in India has recently been targeted over fake propaganda against Hindus. A screenshot has been going viral which shows, Jaaferi has tweeted that Hindus are being intolerant. His fake tweet reads that Indians are refusing to buy fruits and vegetables from Muslim vendors. He also accused Hindus of spreading hatred in that fake tweet.

However, Jaffrey has denied the allegation and said that the screenshot is fake. He said he never posted such comments against the Hindu community. Jaffrey also said where everyone was getting united over the issue, these Hindu-Muslims conflicts were so meaningless.

Indian hospitals refuse to admit Muslims

Two newborn babies died after hospitals refused to admit their Muslim mothers amid a surge in coronavirus-related Islamophobia in India. In Jharkhand state, a Muslim woman got miscarriage after she was barred from receiving treatment in MGM Hospital in the city of Jamshedpur.

Furthermore, we came across several other cases where Muslims are not allowed in hospitals in India. People in India have started to believe that Muslims are spreading coronavirus in the country.

Already, Muslims were living miserably in India under the Modi government. A BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has recently claimed that India is in peril because of Muslims.

Across India, the number of coronavirus cases has crossed 16,000, with 519 deaths included in that figure. The country remains under a lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month.


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