Raisi’s Tragic Death, His Political Life – Iran’s Five-Day Mourning

Raisi's Tragic Death, His Political Life - Iran's Five-Day Mourning

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and his foreign minister, with other prominent government officials, died in a tragic helicopter accident yesterday. The helicopter was heading back to the Iranian capital from East Azerbaijan.

Source: Skynews

The world is shocked as the news of the death came in. The helicopter crashed in a mountainous area with bad weather.

Initially, the rescue teams sent by Iran took 9 hours to locate helicopter remains. The rescue team conducted most of their rescue search via land. Riais stood next to Ayatollah Khomenei in the political hierarchy.

Source: News18

Raisi was born in a Syed family (descendants of Prophet Muhammad), a strong Shia society. Raisi received his religious education under Khamenei. Raisi had a long political career but came to the limelight with his tenure as a prosecutor in Tehran in 1985, prosecuting many political opponents.

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Raisi was appointed as attorney general in 2014 by Khamenei. He was also the custodian of the shrine of Imam Ahmed Raza, the eighth Shia Imam.

He initially ran for the presidency in 2017 against the moderate candidate, Hassan Rouhani, with Rouhani being elected president for the second time.

In 2019, Raisi was appointed as the head of the Iranian Judicial system by Khamenei. Raisi visited multiple cities as the head of the Iranian Judicial system.

Raisi ran for the presidency in 2021 amidst local protests against the totalitarian regime. He won due to low election turnout. Iran stands as the most vocal opposition to Israel. Raisi had openly contested its occupation of Palestine.

He had been part of diplomatic efforts by Iran against Israel. He had previously visited Pakistan on a state visit. His visit to Azerbaijan was a part of the diplomatic effort against Israel.

Raisi stood next in line in the religious hierarchy after Khamenei, 85 years of age.  Raisi’s death has caused uncertainty in the international oil price market with the possible rise in oil prices.

Iran has announced a 5-day mourning period, with many countries joining Iran in this period of grief. Raisi’s helicopter crashed due to bad weather. Investigations are still in process.

Irani supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has appointed Vice President Mohammad Mokhbar as the interim president. The new interim president has to conduct elections within 50 days for the new president.

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