Here’s How One Can Raise Non-Materialistic Children In A Materialistic World

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Materialism is believing that only thing that can be proven exists in the form of matter. Hence, the only thing that satisfies a materialist could be in matter. And no spirituality and morality exist in their view. Materials are taking over our world.  Even we need a material to communicate with people and connect with them. The world is taking a new shape, a more materialistic shape.

In the era, when everyone is running after materials. We’ve forgotten to have a look at the world we are giving our children. Raising children in a materialistic world is not a piece of cake. So how can we raise non-materialistic children in a materialistic world? Here’s how;

1. Spend Time With Them:

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First, we need to spend more time with them, to show them the importance of love and support of the family. Communicate with them to know what’s going on in their mind.

2. Love Is The Only Present

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Don’t give them presents more often instead give them your presence, that’s what they need more. As a quote of Anthony Witham, “Too much love never spoil children. Children become spoiled when we substitute presents for presence”.

3. Create Memories

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Try to help them create good memories in their childhood. That’s what they will remember throughout their life. If you’ll give them the memories of materials, it will dull their childhood memories.

4. Give Not Receive

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Introduce them to the power of giving more than receiving. It will encourage them to be generous and not materialistic.

5. Interact With Humans Not Gadgets

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Don’t let them play games on gadgets. It won’t help increasing creativity. Let them play their own imaginative games.

6. Find Kindness In Little Things

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Help them in finding happiness in little acts of kindness. Helping people will make them a non-materialistic person.

7. Respect their Elders

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Take them to meet the elders of the family more often. That’s how they will learn to respect them and to give them their time.

8.Sharing is Caring

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Ask your child to share their problems if you find them sad or disturbed. Create a friendly relationship with them so they can easily share their problems with you. Support them, this will promote them to help and support others.


9. Visit An Orphanage

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Take them to an orphanage to show them the other side of the life. Ask them to pack the clothes and toys they no longer play with and donate to fewer privileged ones.

10. Lessons Of Spirituality

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Tell your children about spirituality and religion since their early age, so they can have a better understanding of it when they’ll grow up. This will help them to have morality, set their values and become a good human being.

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