While the World was Talking about Solar Eclipse, Karachi had a Rain Show of its Own!

Citizens of the world were observing the total eclipse and everyone was talking about it. While Pakistanis couldn’t witness it in the reality, everyone’s attention diverted when it literally rained cats and dogs in Karachi last night. Best of all, there was a thunderstorm and Karachiites couldn’t believe their eyes.

Given how the humid city doesn’t get much rain, last night was a double treat as it not only rained, but the sights of nature were a treat to watch. Many, however, were scared because the thunder storm was massive!

Just Look at the Storm!

Picture-Perfect Moment!

Something Like This is what we See in Movies (Effects Wise)

It was Pretty Sunny in the Morning and Out of Nowhere, God Blessed the City with His Shower!

Actual Description, Don’t You Think?

Looks Like a Dragon from Game of Thrones If You Ask Me

On the other hand, given how the nature of the storm was extremely fierce, a lot of Karachiites were worried!

Unfortunately, a woman in Karachi died due to electrocution in the Golimaar area. Additionally, two individuals were also injured due to electrocution.

Due to this, the Mayor of Karachi has Given Strict Instructions to the Authorities in Charge

The Party Doesn’t Stop here, Folks. Karachi is Currently in Rains Again as We Speak!

Hope everyone stays safe in Karachi and locals get to enjoy the shower without facing any troubles. Commuting would be indeed difficult, given how the conditions of the drainage system are in the city. However, Karachiites know how to beat such conditions and enjoy this sort of rain to the fullest!

Stay safe, Karachi!

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