Punjab Official Who Banned 100 ‘Anti-Islam’ Books In Trouble For Liking 'Immoral' Content On Twitter

Punjab Official Who Banned 100 ‘Anti-Islam’ Books In Trouble For Liking ‘Immoral’ Content On Twitter

The Managing Director of Punjab Textbook Board Rai Manzoor banned about 100 books for having blasphemous content, is now raising quite some questions with the content shown on his social media. Not only this, but MD Manzoor is now raising many questions due to his sheer hypocrisy as he likes pornographic content on Twitter.

People are not having it and are completely repulsed and disgusted with this unethical and horrid news. There is no doubt, that the actions are creating chaos and the official who once openly claimed to have been the mastermind behind condemning and banning books is now liking content on Twitter that is immoral.

Now after MD Manzoor’s hypocrisy, Twitteraties are going wild on social media for his indecent taste and immoral behavior. Already under fire for his move for banning books, people are now calling him out over ‘hypocrisy’ and being a pervert and misogynist.’

This isn’t the first time, the official has caused trouble. Rather he manages to just simply comment on girls’ tweets and condemn them for posting pictures online, etc.

Twitteraties slam MD Rai Manzoor for hypocrisy

People are calling him out on his misogynistic mindset as the man shares very disgusting videos on his page and also slips into girls’ profiles to school them about how to dress up and how they are promoting vulgarity.

However, it seems that sharing pornographic content and raising questions wasn’t enough, he is also a complete racist.

The question is why is he working as an MD Manzoor for an educational Textbook board? That too of Pakistan’s largest province, which is also known for high literacy levels?

It is truly shameful to see that such a man is in charge of looking and observing the course outline for kids. In addition, the people are condemning his actions and calling him a hypocrite. Many are even stating that his ideology isn’t helping in the growth of Pakistan.

By far no action or statement has come forward from this official or the government, regarding this matter. Although, it seems that Pakistan’s cybercrime authority will sooner or later get its act straight and MD Rai Manzoor will have to forfeit.

Perhaps, it is another case like that of Waqar Younas, where a hacker had liked a controversial content. But then again, this is a different person we are talking about.

Until that happens, let’s just hope that such misogynistic minds and racist people are not part of any authorizing body. Not only is their behavior repulsive to us, but rather they are also bringing shame to Pakistan.

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