Congrats: Rahul Dev Becomes First Hindu GD Pilot In Pakistan Air Force

rahul dev hindu pilot

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has selected Rahul Dev as the General Duty (GD) pilot in the squad. Dev is the first Hindu to get to that rank in PAF. Dev hails from a small village of Tharparkar in Sindh. The news has been shared by a government official Rafique Ahmed Khokhar working at the Interior Ministry

Tharparkar also is known as Thar, is a district in Sindh province. The district is the largest in Sindh and has the largest Hindu population in Pakistan. However, the region lacks a lot of basic facilities. The people there face various issues like water, infrastructure, and food. Hunger and malnutrition are some of the biggest issues in the region.
Hailing from that culture and getting a position in one of the most notable institutions of Pakistan is definitely an achievement.

Twitter sending good wishes to Dev

Moreover, it is indeed great news during the time of a crisis. It shows how Pakistan treats the minorities of the country. Many of the people are happy and wishing Dev all the very best. The happy picture of the Pakistan’s new GD pilot is also circulating on Twitter.

The position of a GD pilot is a prestigious designation in the PAF. These pilots can fly more powerful aircraft and are not restricted to limits such as location. But, they also have their set of aviation rules.

Minorities in Pakistan

The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, vowed to protect the civil, social, and religious rights of minorities in their 2018 election manifesto.

However, not every day is a happy day when it comes to giving rights and respect to the minorities that they deserve. Recently, some religious minority groups accused the authorities of Sindh of discrimination. Members of the Hindu and Christian communities complained that they were being denied ration and food supplies in Sindh.

Pakistan has witnessed a lot of civil and Army officers from our minorities who have greatly contributed to the development of Pakistan as the frontline soldiers. The Hindu doctors in the country are also very competent and qualified. Pakistan is blessed with immense talent. The government should take care of the minorities so that people like Dev continues to grow and serve the nation in the years to come.


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