Rahim Shah Records ‘Maa Kis ko Jhulao Gi Jhoola’ to Pay Tribute to the Peshawar Attack Victims


As a tribute to the Peshawar Attack victims, Pakistani singer Rahim Shah has recorded a song on Saturday.

Rahim Shah’s new song is titled as ‘Maa Kis Ko Jhulaogi Jhoola’ is a revised version of one of his most famous songs, ‘Maa Mujhko Jhulao Na Jhoola’.

On the 16th of December 2014, over 141 people, including 130 school children were killed in a barbaric attack by Taliban who stormed into an Army run school, Army Public School (APS).

While commenting on the current situation of Pakistan, Rahim Shah said that a nation we should be afraid of the terrorists and should stick by each other. As a nation we will face the tough times together.

Rahim Shah added that the government should take extra security measures to improve the situation of the county so that the masses do not suffer.

Rahim Shah has composed the music of the song himself.


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