Rahat Ali Trolled Imad Wasim After Taking his Wicket and Pakistanis Couldn’t Handle it

The spirit of PSL is waving high over us – Pakistanis are enjoying this season in full swing. With Karachi performing surprisingly well (until last night) to Lahore’s continuous defeats and from Multan making an amazing debut year to Quetta giving us the best of their underdog performances, could this season have gotten any better?

The PSL moments are something we love watching over and over again. Sir Viv Richards hugging the 19-year-old Hasan Khan to Wahab Riaz flicking his weird beard after taking a wicket, the PSL moments make up the best memories.

Speaking of Moments, Another Massive Moment Happened Yesterday and Pakistanis are Still Not Over It…For All the Right Reasons!

In a match between Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators, where the Kings had the biggest margin defeat of PSL so far, a spectacular moment took place.

Pakistani bowler Rahat Ali took the wicket of Karachi King’s captain Imad Wasim!

While Kings were already having a rough night, they went down by another wicket while trailing behind, that too of their captain.

So aside from how this wicket was another feather in the cap for the Gladiators to move closer to winning, the epic troll Rahat had towards Imad was what made the wicket even more exciting.

Look At the Hand Signal Rahat Ali Shows to Imad Wasim After Taking his Wicket


A typical ‘chal nikal‘ and Pakistanis just loved it!!!



LMAO Served him Right!


Can’t Tolerate his Own Boys Sending him Out?

Waiting to hear from either side to clear what really happened between the two teammates. If Imad Wasim really abused Rahat Ali, his subtle reaction was enough to send a clear message then.

But Pakistanis, we just enjoyed another match filled with entertainment, comebacks, and trolls. That’s what PSL is all about! <3


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