Here’s Why Ragging Should Not Be Allowed In Any Educational Institute!

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So, we went crazy, we decided to ban ragging at our college!

Ragging? Is it a way of ice breaking or does it mean sadistic pleasure? Does it make people bold? Does it prepare a person for the difficult circumstances in life? Or is it a somber acceptance of fate by the victim? NO! It does not break the ice, it breaks life. It is a gross violation of human rights. Ragging in Educational institute Should be banned.

It is not just a socio-legal problem but also has certain psychological basis too. We are conditioned to accept it as light fun but this little fun escalates into much more severe verbal and physical shaming, harassment and bullying. It gives a sense of authority to seniors, possible means of vengeance by venting their frustrations on the freshmen, satisfaction of sadistic pleasure and supremacy.

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Source: Students

It is just a vicious cycle and labeling it as tradition and fun cannot mask its cruel and sick etiology. In medical colleges of Pakistan, this practice is as common as it is in any other institute. Mental disorders being an epidemic, this practice brings shame entire community of health care professionals. This minor fun waters the roots of animosity amongst the juniors and seniors which, in future, not only affects people involved but also seeps into personal and professional lives. This creates intolerance and apathy; things that are actively damaging our society.

Students of Karachi Medical and Dental College are raising their voice against ragging and are challenging the bigoted perspective of other students. They have taken the initiative to bring zero tolerance policy towards ragging and create an example for other institutes to follow suit. They are fighting against ‘THE FUN’ and breaking stereotypes. Its high time we end this cycle and set the record straight, for once and all.

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