Pakistan’s Rabia Shahzad Wins Gold At Glasgow Open 2020!

Rabia Shahzad Glasgow Open 2020

There’s no doubt that Pakistan is blessed with some of the rare talented individuals who are striving hard to make their country proud. Similarly, this week, a young Pakistani girl represented her country at Glasgow Open 2020 and brought back gold. Recently, Rabia Shahzad, a professional Pakistani weightlifter won gold at Glasgow Open Classic Weightlifting Championship 2020.

Rabia Shahzad makes Pakistan proud by winning gold at Glasgow Open Weightlifting Championship 2020!

Apparently, it is not the first tike the professional weightlifter has earned massive respect in a foreign land. Last year, Rabia Shahzad had won gold in the United Kingdom (UK) Championship and it was indeed a huge achievement for Pakistan. Yet again, Rabia Shahzad has defeated all and has won another gold in the Glasgow Open 2020 without depending on anyone for her finances.

Rabia Shahzad Glasgow Open 2020

To get to know the strong and powerful Rabia Shahzad better, we came into contact with her to share her long struggle. Apparently, it was a brief question/answer session where the weightlifter spilled some beans on her personal and professional life.

A brief question/answer session with the weightlifting champion Rabia Shahzad:

Q) How did you develop an interest in weightlifting?
It was an inbuilt interest. As a child, I used to wrestle with my father & had one major encounter with 4 boys in 4th grade, who eventually ran away.

Q) Was your family supportive of your career choice? What role did they play?
Absolutely. My father just loves sports, be it any. He had always supported me. I had changed 8 sports in total before getting into weightlifting, and he had supported all by providing financial and moral support.

Rabia Shahzad Glasgow Open 2020

Q) Have the government and other sports authorities been supportive?
NOT AT ALL! No weightlifting facility or coach in Karachi which is the biggest city of Pakistan. No recognition & appreciation.

Q) What message do you want to give to young girls who want to follow this route?
If u want to do weightlifting, just do it. You only have to follow your passion & not to pay attention to what others say or think, it’s your life, just live the way you like it. Don’t mold your choices for anyone.

Q) Was it easy to overcome societal barriers and other hurdles?
It was tough. Too many obstacles. I just stood steadfast, because it’s my passion and I love it.
Toughest was the competition time when I had to warm up, perform lifts on the competition platform, then confirm my next lift. Along with that, I had to manage my pre-workout meals and stuff.

Rabia Shahzad Glasgow Open 2020

Certainly, it wasn’t quite easy for Rabia Shahzad to achieve the champions’ title but it was definitely worth it. Congratulations to Rabia Shahzad on winning gold in the weightlifting championship that happened in Glasgow. Keep shining bright!

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