Model Rabia Butt Tried To Insult Nasir Khan Jan On Twitter But It Backfired Really Badly!

Celebrity news has now become a regular thing for the mainstream media. Every day, some famous celebrity is seen ruling the headlines because of some trivial stance. From the entertainment industry, we often witness actors making harsh comments on their co-actors and targeting their skills which lead to a heated argument. A prime example is the Firdous Jamal and Mahira Khan’s matter from last month.

Nasir Khan Jan and Rabia Butt’s exchange of tweets!

As social media has the power to create a chaotic space for anyone, well-known names often come under the spotlight. This time its Pakistan’s famous content creator Nasir Khan Jan with his strong tweet game and from the modeling background its Rabia Butt with her ignorant remarks. The two had an exchange of tweets recently and Pakistanis found something extremely unpleasant in those comments.

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Two days back, Nasir Khan Jan posted a photo on his official Twitter with the caption “Cheat your boyfriend and propose me”. Being a famous name of the country with a huge following, Pakistanis were quick to post their opinions on the post but model Rabia Butt jumped in with the most sexist reply. She quoted NKJ’s tweet and captioned it “Who should propose you? The boyfriend or the girlfriend?” targeting his sexual orientation.

Here’s the picture that NKJ posted and the reply he received from Rabia Butt!

Nasir Khan Jan is always seen handling negative remarks in the most savage way. After Rabia Butt’s comment, this time also NKJ showed everyone who the internet boss is. His calm reply to the critics as always make many appreciate his cool nerves.

“Log naam kama gaye mujhe badnaam kartay kartay” this is what NKJ replied to Rabia Butt’s comment!

Good safe Rabia, good safe!

And once again NKJ winning people’s heart by his calm approach!

Since Rabia Butt’s first comment on Nasir Khan Jan’s picture, Pakistanis were quick to school her for her negative remarks. Later, when the tweet conversation ended between the two, the model’s foul tweet brought it up again.

There’s a huge difference between ‘joking’ and ‘insulting!’

No f**** were given that day!

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Well, Nasir Khan Jan and Rabia Butt have been in a Twitter rage before as well but the remarks that were made this time were not good at all. Whoever knows or has interacted with NKJ only have nice things to say about him and the way he takes over criticism says the same.

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