‘They Didn’t Tell Me About Mohsin’ Rabia Anum Explains Her Rational Reason Behind Her Exit From The Show

Rabia Anum explain reason

First leaving the show in its initial stage and giving bizarre reasons behind it undoubtedly captured everyone’s attention.

To clear the whole dust of sand Rabia Anum spread all over social media with her unexpected exit from the show, the anchor decided to explain the detailed reason behind her exit and close the chapter once and for all.


Because when she did leave, a few of the celebrities didn’t like her way of leaving the show and found it disrespectful as well.

On Thursday, Rabia Anum took the matter to her official Twitter account and released a series of tweets to explain the reason.

Rabia Anum Clarifies Her Exit From The Show

Rabia Anum the anchor and owner of the salon recently left Nida Yasir’s show because Mohsin Abbas was invited also, an actor who was accused of abuse and domestic violence years ago.

Source: DAWN

On this matter, Rabia has come up with some clear explanations and logical reasoning behind her sudden exit.

“Did my tiny bit to break the cycle of ifs and buts, let’s hope harassers and wife beaters are never given the chance to be heroes again, those who never apologized for what they did while the victims are still struggling mentally, physically, and financially to get back on their feet,” she wrote.

Rabia also acknowledged the love she received from the fans as the video went viral all over social media and felt overwhelmed. She said that “those who shared their own stories with her must know that she has been reading them and even cried. The first thing I did after walking out spoke to Fatima, we both cried on phone and wrote the TV host.

I Wasn’t Informed About Mohsin Abbas

Some of the fans even pointed out that guests mainly know about the other guests and highlighted the behind the scene scenarios.

On that Rabia responded, she wasn’t informed about Haider’s arrival, maybe because “it was normal” and said it wasn’t the first time he came on the show. “No one else raised an issue before me. Not their mistake,” she said, referring to the production team.

Right after the next day, Mathira released a statement in which she disliked Rabia Anum’s humiliating and disrespectful behavior.

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