Rabi Pirzada Takes Back Her Words After Terming Indians Better Than Pakistanis

rabi pirzada pakistan india

Rabi Pirzada is in hot waters again for her disrespectful statement about Pakistan. The former actress and singer made some crude comments about how the public and Pakistani’s have disappointed her just yesterday. Moreover, she also posted about how much she was resenting Pakistan and would leave the country for good. If that wasn’t enough to get a tad bit hate, she started to compare Pakistani’s with Indians.

Pirzada takes back her words – deletes tweet

However, the minute she posted about leaving Pakistan, she was bombarded with a lot of criticism, from almost every corner. Pakistani Twitterati schooled her for being a hypocrite and taunted her for so many things. Finally, Pirzada was forced to take back her words and now states that she would never dream of leaving Pakistan. It is her nation and she loves it to her heart and soul. If she ever has to leave her beloved country Pakistan, she would go to Mecca.

Although she seems to have taken back her words, the story gets far more twisted and the Twitterati isn’t as forgiving as it was before.

Why she did so?

The reason behind this turn of events is because of the portrait she painted and tweeted on Twitter, which according to her did not get her the expected appreciation. Rather, someone who did appreciate it beyond borders was Adnan Sami; the singer who left Pakistan and has been giving quite anti-Pakistan statements here and then.

rabi pirzada pakistan india

Source: Twitter

Along with that, the singer, Rabi Pirzada also mentions that she wishes to leave Pakistan similar to Adnan Sami. This has waged quite a war between Pakistanis; and Pirzada seems to be receiving a lot of hate for her comment.

Not only is the Twitterati calling her out on her indecent comment, rather they think that what she did is extremely unthankful; especially, when so many of her fans were supporting her back when her photographs got leaked. Many have even started referring to her as a traitor.

She managed to delete the post now and make amends for her rather crude comments about our beloved country Pakistan, we just hope she isn’t turning into another Major Adnan Sami in making.

What might happen now?

Now that Pirzada is defending her stance and is saying all forms of love for our beloved country Pakistan, we are hopeful that people are forgiving enough to give her a chance. Surely, everyone makes mistakes. And Pirzada tends to have gotten herself into heaps of one. Let’s just hope she knows a way to rewind back and become acceptable in the eyes of the public real soon.

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