‘Hum Dono Ko Shadi Nahi Karni Thi’ – Rabab Hashim Talks About Her Arranged Marriage Candidly

rabab hashim arranged marriage

In the wake of getting married and joining the list of celebrities who tied the knot in 2020 during the covid lockdown, Rabab Hashim recently explained how things came to be regarding her arranged marriage.

Hashim found her Mr. Right and married the lucky guy in an intimate ceremony attended by friends and family. Her simple yet elegant wedding photos took the internet by storm. The Meray Mohsin actor looked absolutely stunning as a bride.

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The news of her wedding was broken by Hashim as she shared jaw-dropping pictures from her wedding event, leaving the fans surprised.

While the actor did not reveal any details about her husband, what we do know now is that his name is Sohaib Shamshad. It also came to our knowledge that he was apparently matched by a marriage bureau run by Mrs. Khan, as claimed by their official Facebook page.

The Kaho Tum Mere Nahi actor, Rabab Hashim lately sat down for an interview with Fuchsia magazine and spilled the beans on her decision to have an arranged marriage.

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“You could say it was an arranged marriage,” said Hashim. “Both of us were the kind of people who had one thing in common: neither of us wanted to get married. Since both of us are extremely career-oriented, we just wanted to work and not get married.”

“Our families were on our cases, and somehow they just wanted to get us married,” the actor added. “Then happened covid, which gave our parents the opportunity to pressure us for marriage. Our families were already acquainted with each other.”

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The actor also spoke about the support from her mother. “As I was completing my graduation, my mother used to read my scripts,” she said. “My mother used to approve my scripts. After getting her approval, I would initiate a meeting. She would always tag along. She wanted to know that what was going on the set, the entire environment, and the production house I am working with.”

The versatile actor has enunciated the challenging roles perfectly with her innate talent and charm on the screens. Throughout the years, she has managed to portray a dozen of different types of characters effortlessly on the screen.

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Embarking on her acting journey from an antagonistic character of Maya in her first play in 2012, Na Kaho Tum Mere Nah, Hashim took on the role to the best of her ability.

Many celebs gave us a chance to cheer in the trying times last year. The 90s pop singer Haroon Rashid, and Pakistan’s admired celebrities Sana Javed and Umair Jaswal also tied the knot. 

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