Quratulain Baloch has an Answer for Those Who Were Bashing her for Calling Imran Khan an A**hole!

Just a few days ago, the internet was on the neck of Humsafar OST singer Quratulain Baloch because of her opinion on Pakistani politician Imran Khan.

Remember the entire Ayesha Gulalai and Imran Khan ‘inappropriate texts’ controversy? Well, QB just found out about that through a video surfacing on the internet and she called out Imran Khan for his acts.

Here’s Exactly What She Tweeted


She called Imran Khan an “asshole” and well, as a reputable public figure in Pakistan, it did not come out well.

Based on the Hatred She was Bound to Receive After Commenting on Imran Khan in Such a Manner, Here’s What She Said

There were Mixed Responses towards QB, but Safe to Say, She Did Receive A Lot of Hate

Quratulain Baloch didn’t really comment on what happened – despite how everyone was talking about what she said. Until two days ago when she shared a subtle caption on her Instagram.

Sugarcoating is a skill. I refuse to master that hypocrisy

Quratulain Baloch shared a picture on her IG with this caption.

Sugarcoating is a skill. I refuse to master that hypocrisy

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And People Started Throwing So Much Hate her Way!

There were Some Sane Supporters in the Comments As Well

Some People Went too Far and Abused her As Well

It is sad to see how people who claim to be her fans once are now throwing so much hate her way only because of her opinion. The choice of words she used is debatable – but she is entitled to her opinion and people should let a public figure enjoy that as well.

Let’s see if she ever comes out to speak about this in the public.

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