Islamophobe Burns Copy Of Holy Quran Publicly In Denmark To Pinch Muslim Beliefs

quran burning denmark

To folks across the world, western culture is unrivaled. Mostly, the western world is considered the modern world, having a great culture and humanitarian values. One such country of the west is Denmark, which often comes in the news for its high ranking in positive domains. However, quite ironically, extremism equally prevails in the country. Recently, extreme rightists burned the holy book of the Quran in Denmark. 

Sadly, the incident took place in a public square and reportedly in the Muslim majority area. Besides, the far-rightist and their supporters seized copies of the Holy Quran and burned them publically. They burned the copies with great joy in front of the public and the police. 

The leader of the far-rightist Rasmus Paludan with the devil’s smile on his face burned the holy book. Earlier, the mentally retard guy did the same in Sweden.  Moreover, it is not Rasmus Paludan but many others who have done such heinous acts in the past.

Islamophobia and liberty to speak

The celebrated French philosopher, Voltaire once exclaimed, ” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend till death your right to say it.” Such quotations have deeply given rise to notions like liberty to say whatever you want without realizing how much it affects the other side. 

Islamophobia, which was driven by the western powers gave rise to such acts. The xenophobic and islamophobic sentiments primarily predominate the west. The same west, which on one side defends the liberty of speaking on humanitarian grounds, and on another side, they loathe refugees and Muslims. 

One ponders how the flag-bearers of human rights are on two extremes, indeed, a paradoxical situation. Besides, the western powers themselves waged war against Iraq, Afghanistan, gave support to the extremist groups in Syrian; and pressurized the world to sign a deal with Israel, expropriating the rights of Palestinians. 

Consequently, such wars led to the refugee crisis. Those victims of western brutality reciprocated and this reciprocation drove islamophobia. Isn’t it shameful? One may ask where do the humane values go when it comes to Islam and Muslims?

Denmark stood at number 11 in the Human development index (HDI). One may wonder is this the development of humans? Racial discrimination and hurting religious sentiments of others can make a country a liberal, modern, and a developed one, what a pity!

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The right to speak freely doesn’t give one a right to hurt the feelings of the opposite side. Not only, Voltaire but all other such intellectuals were wrong in their assertions regarding freedom of speech. If this is the case then every bloody act of hurting a human being is justified. 

Hopefully, the United Nation and other powers would do something against such Islamophpic acts. Otherwise, the world will not be a peaceful place to live in the coming years. 

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