9 Quotes That Will Send Shivers Down your Spine!

9 Quotes That Will Send Shivers Down your Spine!


At times, all you need in life is a quote that can really turn it all around for you. Here is a lift of such quotes that will send chills down your spine,  they are so relatable that every time you agree with them you will have a smile on your face!

1“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when we look back everything is different.” ~ C.S. Lewis

2 “Give a man a mask, and he will show you his true face.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.” ~ Walter Payton


 “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” ~ Mister Fred Rogers

6 “Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself.” ~ Rumi

 “We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.” ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer, after a nuclear test at Los Alamos.


“When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country.

 But it, too, seemed immovable.

 As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family  those closest to me, but alas, they would have none of it.

 And now, as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize: If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family.

 From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country, and who knows, I may have even changed the world.”

~ Written on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in Westminster Abby


Relephant, from a Vietnam soldier’s lighter:

“We the unwilling led by the unqualified to kill the unfortunate die for the ungrateful.”


“Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” ~ Prophecy of the Cree Native American Tribe

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