India’s Quint Finally Exposes How Journalists Are Being Stopped From Reporting The Truth In Kashmir!

The beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir in India continues to observe a lockdown with no internet connectivity including phone lines that still remain blocked. Occupied-Kashmir has been converted into a jail where there are army men deployed in every nook and cranny watching and monitoring every move of the citizens including the local journalists that are trying to get the real word out into the world.

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Whatever little news that comes out of IoK is controlled, fabricated and reported by the national media only, who paints a happy-go-lucky picture of the Kashmiris that is far far away from the bleak and harsh reality they are living.

The local and freelance journalists do not have the freedom to report the truth and with the latest coverage by ‘The Quint’ an Indian media hub who interviewed these struggling journalists, it is clear how scared and terrified they are for their lives and for the honest reporting that is being intercepted by the Indian forces only to be deleted and destroyed.

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The question is, how come the Indian government is so adamant in controlling the local media when according to them everything is fine in the valley?

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The local journos say their footage is being deleted by the army and police; honest journalism is being chocked so the real face of India isn’t exposed.

Kashmiri online and print media that wants to report the reality of what really is happening in the valley are being harassed by the Indian authorities, mainly their army and police who stops them from reporting and deletes their footages by force. They are scared for themselves and even in the video below explain in a very hush way about how the reality is different from the peaceful image of Kashmir Indian media circulates.

Not only that, one of their colleagues Asif Sultan was arrested who wrote a report for a magazine. He has been in the police custody since 8-9 months now.

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They are terrified for their lives while the Indian journalists are being escorted in helicopters and they are chased away by the army whenever they try to cover an incident. If somehow they manage to cover secretly, their footage will be deleted. Most of the times, they are not even allowed access to places of incidents. This is the real face of India that is running mass-media propaganda, controlling what is shown and reported from the inside of IoK.

Fortunately, there are some Indian news websites that have integrity left in them and believe in honest journalism like The Quint, reporting what is true.

Watch The Quint and the local journalists exposing India, below!

It is clear that the ground realities are bitter and gruesome. The fact that India is desperately trying to stop these journalists, deleting their footages, restricting their entry into several areas including blocking all means of communication of Kashmiris from the outside world is a clear indication of unspeakable human rights violations including genocide that is being committed openly, now that they have everyone in control; sadly, even the media.

People have started to call out the Indian government on stopping the local journalist from showing their real face.

“What a shame. The world knows the truth now. Inshall’Allah wait and see what happens when the curfew is over. The brutality on Kashmiris will have its price.”

Again, why are they being stopped and restricted when everything in Kashmir is under control and normal? Hard times for these journalists indeed.

How much more proof the world requires to see India’s true intentions and crimes that they are committing so openly as they control their media, in turn, controlling the minds and perspective of the world. Times up, India!


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