Sunny Leone Gracefully Tackles The Host And His Questions On A CNN IBN Interview

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If you are an Internet-friendly person, you must be aware of the video that is going viral these days. It is the one with Sunny Leone interview with Bhupendra Chaubey of CNN-IBN. At the end of the interview, she might be admitting that her career decision of being a pornstar was a real mistake in her life.

But, to everyone’s utter surprise, she was proud of what she is and came out very polite and gracious. Let us go through the ten questions that she had to tackle:

Kapil Sharma Show: 

Source: Koimoi

The first question was about the comedy show of Kapil Sharma, where the interviewer thinks that he did not feel comfortable to shoot with Sunny as it is a family show. Sunny answered very firmly that she never felt like that because she appeared on the show multiple times. If he would have felt uncomfortable, he wouldn’t have had shoots with her several times.

Ek Paheli Leela: 

Source: Koimoi

While making the movie ‘Ek Paheli Leela’, the director of the movie approached many big stars, but they did not agree to work with Sunny Leone. The interviewer asked Sunny about her feelings, and she replied that she does not care about the inhibitions of others and they might possess opinions differently.

She works hard every single day and she is very happy with that. In this particular movie, she looked graceful in traditional sarees and lehengas.

Working with Aamir Khan: 

Source: DNA India

The interviewer asked whether she would like to work with Aamir Khan or not. Sunny replied positively and answered that every actress will surely desire to work with him.

Then, Bhupendra attacked her by asking whether Aamir would prefer working with her or not. She replied that probably, he will not work with her because of her past.

Haunted Past? 


The interviewer asked whether her past haunts her and if she turns the clock back will she make the same mistake. Sunny Leone boldly answered that she will surely do the same thing in her past.

Then Bhupendra asked whether she even wanted to become a porn star, and in reply Sunny answered that nobody ever wants to become a porn star, and she also never wanted to be. But it eventually happened. He then asked how it happened ‘eventually’.

Sunny replied that an agent showed pictures of some women and offered her that work. She thought that those women are beautiful and they are proud of doing whatever they are doing. Then she agreed to accept the offer proudly.

The threat to Wives?

Source: NDTV Movies

Bhupendra told Sunny that many Indian wives are threatened and they believe that their husbands can get snatched by her. With a smile, Sunny answered that she has her own husband and he is talented and smart. She assured the Indian wives that they should not get scared that their husbands can get snatched by her.

Body Takes Everywhere? 

Source: NDTV Movies

The interviewer asked Sunny whether she thinks that her body can take her to the ultimate destination. She answered that with determination and skill, every actor or actress require a good face and a body to work in this entertainment sector.

Everyone will prefer to look at beautiful faces when they turn on their television or go to a movie hall. He also asked whether she looks at herself as an artist. She answered that she is a simple girl, an entertainer, who loves working.

Though the entire offensive nature of the interview was annoying and irritating for an actor, Sunny handled the questions in a superior manner. It was entirely uncalled for, still Sunny held very gracefully. Hats off to her!!

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