Quaid-I-Azam University Fires Daily Wagers, Associate Professor Comes To The Rescue

Quaid i Azam University Daily Wagers

With every passing day, we see coronavirus taking forms worse than we can imagine. Somewhere people are laid off from their companies, somewhere people are dying because of COVID-19, and somewhere people are just stressed from the confinement. Following the series of such tragic incidents, another news about a well-known university in Islamabad. Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad is allegedly setting up charity accounts to offer ration to the daily wagers.

Someone who got the whiff of the matter went on to write about it on his twitter account and protested against the university. He writes,

“I was sorry to learn that QAU daily wages employees were sent home when the Uni closed in March & have not been paid anything in over a month. Instead, a charity account has been set up to give them ration bags. filed a complaint on their behalf via PM Citizen portal on April 25.”

It is extremely tragic to know that these daily wagers were, first, sent home. Then, to know that they aren’t even paid just worsens the incident. And to top it all, not only salaries aren’t given to these daily wagers, they are also waited to take ration in the name of charity. No one bats an eye to this incident until some people took the responsibility. He filed a complaints against this unfair dealing with respectable employees.

Twitteraties take on the incident

Many Twitteraties completely detested the incident and vouched to file a complaint. Speak against the university until it becomes evident that their folly is to be punished. The idea of these daily wagers sitting unemployed at home without any means of income and being treated as charity cases. It only makes the whole case sad and painful.

Might I add, this is the same university that was ranked in the top 500 universities in the world. Despite having this repute, Quaid-i-Azam university brought upon such a ridiculous case. It is shameful and we completely detest them for pulling such a treatment to these employees.

However, our government has declared that there will be the amount provided to those who have been laid off or are out of work, via PM Relief Fund.

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