The Wait Is Over! Pakistan’s Sweetheart Esra Bilgic Looks Stunning In QMobile TVC

Esra Bilgic

Esra Bilgic, hugely popular in Pakistan for portraying the role of ‘Halime Sultan’ in the historical Turkish TV series Diriliş: Ertuğrul, recently became QMobile’s brand ambassador. Pakistan’s largest smartphone phone brand signed on people’s beloved as an ambassador.

On July 12, QMobile announced Bilgic as its ambassador for the View Max Pro series. The brand is known to work with international artists. This is the first-ever brand of Pakistan to have a celebrity from Turkey on board. That too, from the popular drama series.

As the show is based on the life and times of the 13th-century, it has taken the nation by storm. Moreover, in the show, Bilgic plays the leading role of Halime Sultan, the wife of Ertugrul. PTV began airing a dubbed version in April. This Turkish drama has been all the rage in Pakistan ever since.

QMobile featuring Esra Bilgic in View Max Series advertisement

At least, the advertisement of QMobile featuring Esra Bilgic is out! The new face of the brand can be seen doing some actions in the advertisement.

It has been quite a while since both the show and the actress have been making headlines. Not only in the local news but also on social media, with fans wishing for her to appear in the Pakistani productions.

QMobile Features Pakistan's Sweetheart Esra Bilgic In Its Latest Advertisement

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Moreover, the stardom has left local brands racing to approach the glorified actress to shoot their products and services to fame. As we can see, the race seems to have been won by QMobile.

QMobile Features Pakistan's Sweetheart Esra Bilgic In Its Latest Advertisement

Source: Google

Once again, the popular Smartphone brand has met the expectations of its fans. For the first time ever, an international Turkish star will be seen on Pakistani screens. Needless to say, the excitement is tremendous around the advertisement and the product.

After becoming a brand ambassador for Qmobile, Bilgic has now joined one of the biggest Pakistan telecommunication network Jazz as its brand ambassador. She, as well as Jazz, has just made an official announcement through social media.


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