Here’s How You Can Earn Easy Cash By Reporting An Incident And You’ll Be Surprised!

Have a story to share? Have a video evidence?

The internet can be a cruel world. The rise of corruption and unfortunate incidents have surely left Pakistani citizens in a state of wonder. Speaking of which, many of the incidents are reported on a daily basis yet in some cases, people fail to report it.

But things are about to change! is a startup to reward the efforts of citizen journalists. They strive to democratize journalism by incentivizing masses to upload stories on their social media platform.

And you, too, can have the chance to do so and get paid for your videos! Check this out!

Here’s what you have to do:

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is make a video of the evidence and what is wrong with their surroundings so that the authorities can take action. Once done, you can upload your video on Qissa and get paid for it in cash. Yes, it’s time you get a monetary compensation for your videos, unlike Facebook and Youtube!

Watch this to know more about it.

You can easily upload the video on the Qissas website (making an account is absolutely free) or you can download the app for more convenience. Qissa is also in talks with international organizations and the people will also get a compensation from international organization plus, they have the potential to become professional field reporters.

So in short, this is an easy earning opportunity for all of you out there!

One last thing…

If a person wants to maintain their anonymity, they are free to do so. Reporters are allowed to document such incidents using their mobile phones, CCTV or a DSLR and upload it on the website.

It’s pretty cool and pretty simple! What do you think?

For more information, download the app from google store or visit

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